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SaaS Updates Summary: January 22 – January 26

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This week, there were updates from G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, Trello, and Freshservice. Jamboard is now a core G Suite service, and Google has improved attachment compliance in Gmail. For those of you in education, there are lots of new features for Office 365 Education and G Suite for Education. 

Legacy Google Drive Desktop Sync Client Now Shutting Down on May 12th, 2018
G Suite Updates | When Google launched Drive File Stream last year, they announced that the Drive desktop sync client for Mac and PC—a feature officially known as “Google Drive for Mac/PC”—would shut down completely on March 12th, 2018. In response to your feedback, they’re delaying that shutdown date to May 12th, 2018.

Hangouts Meet Metrics in Reports API; Tablet Support Now Available
G Suite Updates | Hangouts Meet helps you connect with your team from anywhere with easy-to-join video calls. Google is introducing new features to help you and your teams maximize how they collaborate.

Office 365 Education Delivers the Next Wave of Innovation for Inclusive and Collaborative Learning
Office Blog | Today’s updates to Office 365 Education include enabling students to write a paper using only their voice, thanks to Dictation in Office, the latest feature to join Microsoft Learning Tools, as well as improved access to assignments and class collaboration with the Microsoft Teams iPhone and Android apps.

Upcoming Change to Setup Flow for Company-owned Android Devices
G Suite Updates | Google is introducing some changes to the setup flow for company-owned Android devices starting on February 12th, 2018. With this change, they hope that it will result in fewer company-owned devices that are incorrectly set up and an improved mobile management experience.

Tools for Every School: G Suite for Education Updates
The Keyword | Education is evolving, and G Suite for Education is too. Google is announcing two exciting updates: a new set of free features designed to strengthen security for all G Suite for Education users, as well as a new edition called G Suite Enterprise for Education.

Dropbox and Adobe Expand Partnership with Previews for Adobe XD CC
Dropbox Blog | Dropbox is introducing a new Adobe Creative Cloud integration that helps you stay in your creative flow by making it easier to find your latest Adobe XD document on Dropbox. In addition to previewing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files stored in Dropbox, users can now see a quick preview of files created in XD.

Introducing The New Trello Power-Ups Directory
Trello Blog | Trello is excited to announce a brand new way to discover, enable, and manage Power-Ups on your Trello boards! The new Power-Ups directory has a host of cool features such as search, categories, editorial content, featured Power-Ups, and more.

Improved Attachment Compliance in Gmail
G Suite Updates | Previously, when you specified a custom file type to search for in Gmail attachments, Google only scanned the message’s MIME header for the attachment’s filename extension. Now, if you check the “Also match files based on file format (supported types)” box, Google also scans the contents of the attachment to determine its file type (provide it’s one of several supported types).

Jamboard Now a Core G Suite Service
G Suite Updates | Google is excited to announce that the Jamboard service will become a core G Suite service.

Get Up to Speed! Take Immediate Action with Notification Center
Freshservice Blog | Freshservice has enhanced the Notification Center by expanding in-app notifications beyond Service and Change approval requests and by giving complete control to the user.

Publish Gmail Add-ons to Your Domain
G Suite Developers Blog | Google extended the Gmail Add-on preview toward the end of last year, so that developers can bring the functionality of business apps they rely on directly into Gmail. Now, Google is also making it easier for you to develop and publish Gmail Add-ons domain-wide. Create add-ons for users to access tools directly in their inbox, like your company directory, HR tools, or other CRM solutions.

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