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SaaS Updates Summary: February 4 – February 8


February 10, 2019

2 minute read

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Last week, Google released a number of updates. G Suite admins can automatically provision users in three new apps and can more easily enter building locations into the Admin console thanks to a few of last week’s updates. Google also changed how users give apps permissions to access their information, giving end users more granular control over what data they choose to share with each app. And, the update we’ve all been waiting for: More Thai fonts are now available in Docs, Sheets, and Slides! For all of last week’s SaaS updates, read below.

Dedicated Hangouts Meet IP addresses
G Suite Updates | Google is adding a range of official, fixed IP addresses to be used exclusively for classic Hangouts and Hangouts Meet in G Suite domains. That means that you can identify video conference traffic used in G Suite and deprioritize Hangouts traffic from consumer accounts. This can help you better configure and optimize network and firewall access.

Manage and Distribute Android Apps When Using Basic Mobile Management
G Suite Updates | You can now manage Android apps for your users when using basic mobile management. Previously, you could only do this if you used advanced mobile management.

Automatically Provision Users With Three Additional Apps
G Suite Updates | Google is adding auto-provisioning support for three new applications.

Changes to Google Groups Settings Starting May 6, 2019
G Suite Updates | Google is updating Groups’ settings to make it easier for you and your users to manage and configure groups. Specifically, they will remove settings and features that are rarely used, and combine settings that cover similar functionality.

Easily Enter Building Locations Into the Admin Console
G Suite Updates | You can now input addresses, instead of latitude and longitude coordinates, to enter the locations of your office buildings in the Admin console. This is a more efficient and reliable way for you, as a G Suite admin, to manage international office locations.

Whitelist Trusted Apps for Your Domain to Ensure Apps Work Properly
G Suite Updates | To give end users more granular control over what account data they choose to share with each app, Google is changing how users give apps permissions to access their information.

Refresh BigQuery Data in Sheets Using Apps Script and Macros
G Suite Updates | Recently, Google launched the BigQuery data connector to allow users to easily import data from larger datasets into Sheets. Now, you can use tools like Apps Script and the macro recorder to schedule automatic updates within Sheets to the connected BigQuery data.

Additional Thai Fonts Available in Docs, Sheets, and Slides
G Suite Updates | Google has expanded their font offerings for Thai users in Docs, Sheets, and Slides by adding several fonts that are part of the Thai “National Fonts” collection.

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