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SaaS Updates Summary: December 17 – December 21

BetterCloud Monitor

December 21, 2018

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The big news this week: Google is opening G Suite file access to non-Google users (!). They’re introducing a beta for an “easy pincode identity verification process” that will enable G Suite users to invite non-G Suite users to collaborate on files as visitors. In separate news, Google is also adding the ability to compare G Suite adoption and use between OUs. And lastly, Microsoft introduced the Office app for Windows 10.

Read on for more details.

Share Files More Easily with Non-Google Accounts in Drive Beta
G Suite Updates | Soon, people without Google accounts will be able to view, comment, suggest edits to, and directly edit Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files.

New to Microsoft 365 in December — AI-Powered Tools to Help You Create Your Best Work
Microsoft 365 | This month, Microsoft released new features in Microsoft 365 that enable you to reach broader audiences, increase your efficiency, and focus on your most important tasks. Here’s a look at what’s new in December.

Compare G Suite Adoption and Use Between Organizational Units
G Suite Updates | Google is adding the ability to view and filter G Suite reports by organizational unit (OU) in the Admin console and the Reports API. This information can make it easier to build more insightful reports and more complete audits.

Introducing the Office App for Windows 10
Microsoft 365 | Last year, Microsoft updated with a new experience focused on two simple things: helping users get the most out of Office and getting them back into their work quickly. Starting today, they’re bringing this experience to Windows 10 in the form of an app, simply called Office.

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