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SaaS Updates Summary: December 13 – December 17

BetterCloud Monitor

December 20, 2021

2 minute read

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Dynamic groups are even more powerful (again) thanks to custom user attributes. Plus you can use Google Meet hardware as digital signage. Read up about your new digital billboard options, plus several other updates from last week in the links.

Use Your Google Meet Hardware-Connected Displays As Digital Signage
Google Workspace Updates | Google is giving admins more control over how screen savers are displayed on their Google Meet hardware devices, allowing them to use their displays as digital signage.

Expanded Occupancy Detection Capabilities for Google Meet Hardware Devices
Google Workspace Updates | Google has significantly expanding its occupancy detection capabilities on Google Meet hardware devices beyond Series One devices.

Configure Member Restrictions for Groups, Now Generally Available
Google Workspace Updates | Member restrictions allow admins and end users who are group owners to limit group inclusion in several important ways. This feature is now generally available..

Making Dynamic Groups More Powerful With Custom User Attributes and OrgUnit Queries
Google Workspace Updates | Dynamic groups further enhance this functionality by allowing group membership to be automatically updated based on parameters such as location, department, or job title.

Automatically Move Breakout Room Participants Back to the Original Meeting
Google Workspace Updates | We’re introducing several improvements for breakout rooms in Google Meet. These improvements include the ability for meeting hosts and co-hosts to automatically move participants back to the main meeting room once breakout rooms end.

Easily See Which Account You’re Currently Using in Google Calendar on Mobile
Google Workspace Updates | Now, the owner of the item in Google Drive will receive an email notifying them of the action taken, and alerting them of how to request a review of the restriction if they think it is a mistake.

Prevent Unwanted Invitations From Being Added to Your Calendar
Google Workspace Updates | Google improved the “Automatically add invitations” setting to help prevent unwanted invitations from being added to your calendar.

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