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SaaS Updates Summary: August 27 – August 31

BetterCloud Monitor

August 31, 2018

2 minute read

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As August comes to a close, we have a handful of SaaS updates to report. In G Suite news, Google rolled out 1) increased visibility into rate-limiting in Gmail, 2) emoji reactions in Hangouts Chat, 3) an easy way to add buttons to the new Google Sites, 4) new and improved Forms when they’re embedded in websites created with Google Sites.

In other news, Asana calendar is now faster and more customizable, and the Slack-Smartsheet integration now lets you take action on updates and approvals directly in Slack.

Increased Visibility into Rate-Limiting in Gmail
G Suite Updates | A malicious attack or misconfiguration can contribute to an unusually high rate of incoming email. To protect your users, Gmail monitors this incoming email rate and, when it reaches certain email receiving limits, automatically rejects messages to impacted accounts.

React with Emojis in Hangouts Chat
G Suite Updates | You can now use emoji reactions to respond to any Hangouts Chat message. Reactions allow you to quickly and creatively react to any message to show support, humor, or empathy.

Take Action on Updates and Approvals Directly in Slack
Smartsheet Blog | Slack users who enable the Smartsheet integration can now receive notifications as direct messages, provide responses to update requests, and take action on approval requests from Smartsheet directly within Slack.

Asana Calendar Is Now Faster and More Customizable
The Asana Blog | Asana calendar now loads faster, and it’s undergone a visual refresh so it’s easier to see when work is happening.

Easily Add Buttons to Improve Links in New Google Sites
G Suite Updates | Google is making it easy to add buttons to the new Google Sites. These are clickable graphics which link to other content within your site or at an external URL. Users often click on buttons more frequently than they click on in-line hyperlinks, so they are a good way to guide people to important content.

Making Embedded Google Forms Better
G Suite Updates | Google is making Forms look and work better when they’re embedded in websites created with Google Sites. These improvements will also mean Forms will work better embedded in websites not managed in Google Sites as well.

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