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SaaS Updates Summary: April 30 – May 4

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Greetings! There’s no shortage of SaaS updates this week. The big news: Microsoft unveiled lots of new Outlook features (across Windows, Mac, web, and mobile) to help you manage your time. These include bill pay reminders in Outlook Calendar, suggested event locations and meeting rooms, meeting RSVP tracking and forwarding, and more. Microsoft also announced the addition of advanced security features in Microsoft 365 Business. In other news, Google improved the User lists interface in the G Suite Admin console and added auto-provisioning support for six new apps. Box introduced three new ways to gain visibility into the content you care about, and Dropbox introduced new AdminX tools for management, security, and deployment. Plus, there were other updates for Asana, Smartsheet, and Atlassian (Confluence).

Read on for details.

More Improvements to User Management in the Admin Console
G Suite Updates | Google is updating the User lists interface in the Admin console to make it easier to see, find, and manage users.

Making IT Simpler with a Modern Workplace
Microsoft 365 Blog | Microsoft announced some new capabilities and updates coming soon to Microsoft 365, including a modern desktop, solutions for Firstline Workers, streamlined device management with lower costs, integrated administration experience, and built-in compliance.

New to Microsoft 365 in April—Tools for the Modern Workplace
Microsoft 365 Blog | Here’s a look at what Microsoft brought to Microsoft 365 in April. Microsoft 365 subscribers can convert any handwritten words on their PowerPoint slides into text and draw new shapes like hearts and clouds. New ink gestures for editing in Word allow you to add handwritten text to a document and interact with existing content using a pen. Plus, there are new features in Outlook for iOS, and many more updates.

New Calendar, Mail, and Mobile Outlook Features Help You Get Things Done
Microsoft 365 Blog | New Outlook features—across Windows, Mac, web, and mobile—help you manage your time and keep what matters most front and center. These include bill pay reminders in Outlook Calendar, suggested event locations and meeting rooms, meeting RSVP tracking and forwarding, and more.

Safeguard Your Business with New Security Features for Microsoft 365 Business
Microsoft 365 Blog | Microsoft announced the addition of advanced security features in Microsoft 365 Business, which gives businesses with up to 300 employees an affordable, comprehensive solution for empowering employees and safeguarding business data.

Manage Projects, Share Instructional Videos, and More with These Slack Integrations
Several People Are Typing | Here are some new and noteworthy apps for Slack. Check out this roundup from Slack of the latest integrations worth checking out.

The Integration Meditation
Zendesk Blog | Everyone can relax; new Zendesk integrations have arrived.

See a Site’s Owner and Request Edit Access in the New Google Sites
G Suite Updates | To control the flow of information across their organizations, G Suite admins often need increased visibility into the new Google Sites being created by their users. To help admins do this, Google is adding a feature in the new Google Sites that will make it easier for an admin to get additional information about individual sites.

What’s New in G Suite – April 2018
G Suite Updates | Check out the latest “What’s New in G Suite” launch recap (pdf) for a roundup of all G Suite launches from April 2018.

Three New Ways to Gain Visibility into the Content You Care About
Box Blog | Box recently launched three major updates to the Box Web Application. Now you can find your favorite content with a newly enhanced sidebar, get a quick glance of recent activity on files, and see (and export) all-time file usage history.

Introducing CalDAV Support in Team Calendars for Confluence Server
Atlassian Blog | The Confluence team is excited to announce that in Team Calendars Server 6.0, they’re closing the #1 customer voted feature request: CalDAV support. In addition to their existing support for one-way syncing, CalDAV support enables two-way syncing between Team Calendars and your calendar app. Now you’ll be able to update Team Calendars events from Outlook, Google Calendar (Android), or Apple Calendar.

Automatically Provision Users with Six Additional Apps
G Suite Updates | Google is adding auto-provisioning support for six new applications: DeskPro, Federated Directory, Front App, ScreenSteps, ThousandEyes, and Trello.

Rich Text Is Here: Communicate Clearly with Formatted Text, Emojis, and More
Asana Blog | Text formatting, emojis, and @-mentioning can help you communicate your tone, organize information, emphasize specific details, and link to other work so teammates have the context they need. The new rich text formatting menu appears in your tasks and comments so you can communicate clearly, keep work connected, and add a thumbs up emoji.

Eliminate Silos With Smartsheet for Workplace by Facebook
Smartsheet Blog | Smartsheet is excited to announce Smartsheet for Workplace. Workplace by Facebook is a dedicated and secure space for companies to connect, communicate, and collaborate using familiar Facebook features such as News Feed, groups, messages, and events. Now, with Smartsheet for Workplace, you can choose to receive Smartsheet notifications directly in Workplace.

New AdminX Tools for Management, Security, and Deployment
Dropbox Blog | As part of their AdminX initiative, Dropbox is introducing new tools to simplify data security for Dropbox Business teams across all types of organizations.

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