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SaaS Updates Summary: April 2 – April 6

BetterCloud Monitor

April 6, 2018

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There’s lots going on in the SaaS world. Google updated Access checker, making it easier to see who needs access to Drive files. You can also now call a US or Canadian phone number for free from Hangouts Meet. Microsoft rolled out new Office 365 protection capabilities, such as file recovery from malicious attacks like ransomware, to defend against cybercrime. Dropbox is bringing Dropbox Business users and admins two features to help escape hard drive constraints: Smart Sync and team selective sync. Plus, there were updates from Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Atlassian. Check out the details below.

What’s New in G Suite – March 2018
G Suite Updates | Check out the latest “What’s New in G Suite” launch recap (pdf) for a roundup of all G Suite launches from March 2018.

The Strides of March
Several People Are Typing | March was a busy month for Slack, loaded with announcements, updates, and refinements. Let’s take a look at what transpired in the past 30 days.

Spring Brings New Integrations
Zendesk Blog | Here’s a look at all the great new integrations for Zendesk.

Smarter Sharing of Files with Updated Google Drive Access Checker
G Suite Updates | When you send an email, calendar invite, or other communication that includes a Drive file, Access checker automatically looks to see if the people you’re sending the message to have permissions to view the file. Google is updating Access checker to make it easier to see who needs access, support more file types in Drive, and share directly with those who need access.

Call a US or Canadian Phone Number for Free from Hangouts Meet
G Suite Updates | Sometimes, you may want to add participants to your meeting without needing to send them a link, like when you want to connect folks who are already dialed into a conference bridge, or if a team member is running late and is still on their commute. That’s why you can now call US or Canadian phone numbers, directly from your meeting, for free.

Springing into the Future of Work with New Partners
Box Blog | Box recognizes the importance of enabling their customers to work with their tools of choice, which is why they integrate with over 1,400 business applications. Here are just a few of the latest integrations enabling businesses to do more with Box.

Introducing Content Cues for Zendesk Guide Enterprise
Zendesk Blog | Zendesk is very excited to introduce Content Cues for Zendesk Guide Enterprise. Content Cues empowers support content managers by identifying gaps in their Zendesk Guide knowledge base.

Introducing Guide Enterprise
Zendesk Blog | In order to get agents or content team members involved in content creation, companies need a process to vet articles to ensure the right material is published. This is exactly where Guide Enterprise comes in, making it easy for large teams to establish this process, collaborate on content, and manage knowledge internally, externally, and across multiple brands.

Meet Bitbucket Cloud’s New Chatbot
Atlassian Blog | Bitbucket Cloud’s new chatbot features a wide range of notification types, plenty of interactivity, and some smart configuration features that will supercharge your team’s development workflow. The bot is available now for Slack and is coming soon to Atlassian Stride and other leading chat platforms.

Introducing Social Signals and How We Went About Building an AI Entity
Freshdesk Blog | Freshdesk is happy to announce the launch of their first AI entity – Social Signals. Social Signals goes through your entire feed, understands which tweets are asking for help and converts them to a ticket for an agent to answer, filtering out everything else.

Freshdesk+Freshchat Integration: Where Modern Messaging Meets Proactive Support
Freshdesk Blog | Freshchat will be the integrated messaging channel inside Freshdesk, helping support agents engage in conversations with website visitors and customers from the comfort of their helpdesk.

Defend Yourself from Cybercrime with New Office 365 Capabilities
Office Blog | Here are some new protection capabilities that offer subscribers additional peace of mind: File recovery from malicious attacks like ransomware, tools to help keep your information secure and private, and advanced protection from viruses and cybercrime.

Bringing Dropbox Smart Sync to All Teams, Plus New Team Selective Sync
Dropbox Blog | Dropbox is bringing Dropbox Business users and admins two features to help escape hard drive constraints: Smart Sync and team selective sync.

Introducing Freshdesk Academy Certifications
Freshdesk Blog | Freshdesk is happy to announce that they are launching academy certifications. With certifications, you can test out how well you know the Freshdesk product and show the world that you are an expert. You just have to ace the test to get a certificate. The first certificate they are introducing is called the “Product expert certification” and it’s ideal for admins of Freshdesk accounts.

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