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Partner Spotlight: Master Concept


August 16, 2013

2 minute read

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Company: Master Concept
Location: Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan
Market Served: Enterprise, SMB

This week I heard from Derek Chan, Co-Founder and Director of Master Concept, a leading Asian reseller, to find out more about his organization.


BetterCloud: When was your organization founded?

Master Concept: 2003

BetterCloud: What led to the founding of your company?

Master Concept: It started with a passion for technology and the cloud. Since our founding, we’ve served many different needs of small, midsized and enterprise companies in the APAC region. In 2009, we partnered with Google to resell different facets of the Google Enterprise Cloud.

BetterCloud: How has the market changed since you started as a Google Apps reseller?

Master Concept: The customer has become more tech savvy and cloud computing has gained broader awareness. I think that more CEOs and CIOs consider using Google Apps for their business now and it’s really become the standard that many companies in the Asia Pacific region want to run their business on.

In this region specifically, hiring has become more difficult. Employees want the ability to work from anywhere, bigger companies are introducing more casual environments and both of these things necessitate the need for more collaboration.

BetterCloud: Does your company have a certain speciality – Industry? Location? Size?

Master Concept: We serve large enterprises and SMBs in the Asian market across all industries.

BetterCloud: Can you tell us one thing about your company we wouldn’t find out from your website?

Master Concept: We actually have a subsidiary called Social Analytics that builds its own products.

BetterCloud: What is your favorite BetterCloud feature? Why?

Master Concept: Email Signature because it helps our company and our customers save time. The feature helps to unify a company’s image as well and it can be tailored for different units within a single organization.

BetterCloud: What do you hope to see from BetterCloud going forward?

Master Concept: More around customized reporting, so many of our customers rely on BetterCloud’s reporting tools.

BetterCloud: What do you hope to see from Google Apps going forward?

Master Concept: Google Voice for Asia that can integrate with SIP and an enterprise workflow for Google Apps.

BetterCloud: What are your company’s plans for this year?

Master Concept: We plan to continue our expansion across Asia.

BetterCloud: Favorite cloud service your company uses, other than Google Apps?

Master Concept: because it’s simple, easy to use, looks great and functions well enough for our support team to manage issues in a timely manner.

I also like AWS because it allows me to access data from anywhere without carrying around a huge external disk.

BetterCloud: What’s the best thing about working at your company?

Master Concept: Everyone is so driven and passionate about IT solutions and the cloud.

BetterCloud: Why should someone looking to “Go Google” work with you?

Master Concept: We’re very passionate about the cloud and Google Apps and want our customers to succeed on and love the Apps platform as much as we do. We were also named the Google SMB Apps Partner of the Year 2012 and have broad reach across Asia.

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