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Partner Spotlight: G-Asiapacific


April 4, 2014

2 minute read

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Company: G-Asiapacific
Location: Selangor, Malaysia and Auckland, New Zealand
Market Served: Enterprise, SMB

This week I heard from Mark Goh, CEO at G-Asiapacific, a Southeast Asian reseller, to find out more about his organization.

BetterCloud: When was your organization founded?

G-Asiapacific: Our company was founded in 2008. We’re a cloud brokerage and cloud consultancy fusing sound business principals with leading-edge technology expertise. We focus primarily on Google Enterprise solutions and we’re one of the first Google Premier Enterprise Partners and Premier resellers in Southeast Asia.

BetterCloud: What led to the founding of your company?

G-Asiapacific: We have a passion for cloud technology and wanted to bring its transformative power to businesses in Southeast Asia.

BetterCloud: How has the market changed since you started as a Google Apps reseller?

G-Asiapacific: Our first two years in business we’re definitely tougher. A lot of larger enterprises doubted the security of the cloud, but the market has definitely changed in the past four years. Cloud security is no longer the primary concern. Instead, most enterprises are looking to move to the cloud in one way or another to gain added productivity and efficiency.

BetterCloud: Does your company have a certain specialty – Industry? Location? Size?

G-Asiapacific: Since the cloud is really suitable for companies of all sizes, we have different teams for different size segments.

BetterCloud: Can you tell us one thing about your company we wouldn’t find out from your website?

G-Asiapacific: We’ve been a member of the Google Enterprise Partner Advisory Board in Asia Pacific since its inception, which signifies our key relationship with Google. And our team members were some of the first 200 people in the world to become Google Apps Deployment and Sales certified specialists.

BetterCloud: What is your favorite BetterCloud feature? Why?

G-Asiapacific: Definitely reporting and Docs auditing. Our customers really appreciate these features because the granularity just isn’t available natively in the Google Admin Console.

BetterCloud: What do you hope to see from BetterCloud in the future?

G-Asiapacific: We hope to see more features around reporting. Reporting has been huge for our customers and the more granularity BetterCloud has the better.

BetterCloud: What do you hope to see from Google Apps in the future?

G-Asiapacific: Google is always coming out with different features that make our lives simpler and easier in the cloud. We’re sure they’ll come out with something that surprises and impresses us.

BetterCloud: What are your company’s plans for the future

G-Asiapacific: We aim to continue our expansion across Southeast Asia and beyond, providing quality products, solutions and services at competitive prices.

BetterCloud: Favorite cloud service your company uses, other than Google Apps?

G-Asiapacific: Amazon Web Services. In addition to reselling Google Apps and other Enterprise solutions, we’re an Amazon Web Services Consulting partner.

BetterCloud: What’s the best thing about working at your company?

G-Asiapacific: We have a completely flat corporate structure and culture. We believe that everyone has their own talents and collaborating and working together as a team is the key to our success.

BetterCloud: Why should someone looking to “Go Google” work with you?

G-Asiapacific: Our deployment team has successfully assisted thousands of companies migrate to Google. We’re Google Apps Deployment certified and follow deployment best practices to give our customers the best possible transition to the cloud and experience on Google Apps.

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