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Partner Spotlight: CloudWare360


May 9, 2013

2 minute read

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Company: CloudWare360
Location: Latin America
Market Served: SMB, Enterprise

We sat down with Saul Chrem, the CEO of CloudWare360, a leading reseller in Latin America, to find out more about his organization.

BetterCloud: When was your organization founded?

CloudWare360: January 2010

BetterCloud: What led to the founding of your company?

CloudWare360: We wanted to be a part of the technological shift to cloud computing. We named our company “Cloudware 360” because we have a 360 degree approach to cloud computing. We care not only about technology, but have a strong focus on the user side – education, change management and adoption.

BetterCloud: How has the market changed since you started as a Google Apps reseller?

CloudWare360: Cloud computing has become mainstream–we don’t have to explain what it is anymore. There’s also been a proliferation of small / midsize partners so we’ve had to develop different strategies to differentiate and scale our business.

BetterCloud: Does your company have a certain speciality – Industry? Location? Size?

CloudWare360: We’re focused in Latin America and have projects spanning from Mexico to Chile. We started our company focusing on large enterprises and Government, but now we have a whole division dedicated to SMB. We also have a team dedicated to app dev and complex integrations, which allows us to take on large, complicated projects.

BetterCloud: Can you tell us one thing about your company we wouldn’t find out from your website?

CloudWare360: We’re in the process of updating our site (the current site has been up since we founded the company). So if it’s not clear from our website, we’re extremely passionate about what we do–we breathe, sleep, walk and live thinking about how to improve our business as a whole.

BetterCloud: What is your favorite BetterCloud feature? Why?

CloudWare360: For an IT admin, enforcement of email signatures. For partners, all the information the reseller console gives us to better understand our customers’ use of Google Apps.

BetterCloud: What do you hope to see from BetterCloud going forward?

CloudWare360: More tools for the partner to engage with the customer.

BetterCloud: What do you hope to see from Google Apps in the future?

CloudWare360: More of what they’ve been doing recently with core product improvements.

BetterCloud: Favorite cloud service your company uses, other than Google Apps?

CloudWare360: BetterCloud, RunMyProcess, ZOHO Projects

BetterCloud: What’s the best thing about working at your company?

CloudWare360: Being part of a great team that grows and evolves every single day.

BetterCloud: Why should someone looking to ‘Go Google’ work with you?

CloudWare360: We have a very deep understanding of what’s needed to create successful projects and we’re able to achieve a high adoption ratio, resulting in better ROI for our customers. We were also recognized as the 2012 LATAM Deployment Partner of the Year by Google.

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