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June Release Notes: BetterCloud for Office 365 Adds Mailbox Alerts, Backend Improvements

BetterCloud Monitor

June 17, 2015

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We’re excited to announce several valuable updates to BetterCloud for Office 365, our newest product that’s currently in beta. This release introduced an additional alert to the Domain Health and Insight Center, management actions to extend existing alert capabilities, and backend improvements. Here’s a summary of what’s changed in this release:

  • Ability to hide disabled mailboxes from the global address list
  • Ability to delete distribution groups without members
  • Alert when mailbox forwarding to distribution group is detected
  • More regular (daily) syncing to refresh data

What’s New: Alerts

Based on customer feedback, we’re continuously adding alerts to the existing dashboard, which is currently monitoring several Office 365 workloads and surfacing alerts across Directory, Email, Collaboration, and Licenses.

This release added an alert that offers more visibility into mail activity by notifying admins when a mailbox is detected that has mail forwarding to a distribution group configured.

What’s New: Actions

In addition to alerting across every area of your tenant, BetterCloud for Office 365 is building upon those alerts to offer actionable steps to remediate any inefficiencies and secure your data.

New actions include the ability to hide disabled mailboxes from the global address list, as well as the ability to detect and delete distribution groups without members.


Recent backend updates mean more regular syncs with your data where it lives in Office 365, enabling you to have up-to-date insight into the daily activities occurring within your tenant. Notifications of syncs in progress will now appear as banner notifications to let you continue working uninterrupted. As always, sync progress—including completed, successful, and failed syncs—are recorded in the application’s audit logs.