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Product Tip Tuesday: Reducing Security Risks With New Google Oversharing Reports


June 7, 2022

< 1 minute read

Mitigating Security Risks With New Google Oversharing Reports

IT admins and security teams are always looking for ways to reduce security risks. But what about the risks that admins can’t inherently “see”? You know what I’m talking about. There are the file links that get shared publicly or to a personal email address. And how about all those decks that get shared externally that might have included some confidential information? 

To alleviate these concerns, BetterCloud is introducing two new report views for SuperAdmin users in our Secure module.

With our new report views, BetterCloud SuperAdmins can:

  • Monitor Google Drive files that have been shared publicly or externally
  • Browse through individual risks to see what assets are being exposed
  • Use filters to help uncover active risks and trends about where and how data is being shared

These new report views are available under our new “Data Protection” menu and provide admins with a quick view of your biggest threats, whether they are specific files or users that are consistently out of compliance with security guidelines. 

For IT admins, these reports streamline risk management and make reaction times to security risks much faster. 

Ready to view your oversharing reports? Current BetterCloud customers can log into their accounts to check them out today. If you’d like to learn more about how BetterCloud give your IT team the visibility it needs, schedule a demo.