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Insight Alert #4: Winning on Employee Experience With New Hire IT Onboarding

Natalie Robb

November 5, 2020

4 minute read

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In prior Insight Alerts, we discussed trends in SaaS usage, visibility in the SaaS environment, and how CASB users differ from SaaSOps users. In this last Insight Alert based on our 2020 State of SaaSOps report survey data, we explore IT onboarding trends and how SaaS management and SaaSOps platforms make a difference.

How IT helps organizations win on employee experience

SaaS is great for companies and employees alike. Companies can pick and choose the best possible software for every job, making it easier than ever to get more work done. When the experience of work is delivered through apps, tools, and business systems in the cloud, the tech stack that drives employee productivity also drives the employee experience.

Users have now come to expect the ability to choose and use best-of-breed apps. And thanks to pandemic-plagued 2020, millions more employees now know all the benefits of SaaS and a SaaS-driven workplace. Furthermore, they’ve used them at previous jobs at other companies, and they’re demanding collaborative, flexible environments wherever they go.

As a result, IT teams now support this new way of working. For the first time, providing the best user experience empowers a top-performing, highly-skilled workforce with SaaS. And IT must enable this new decentralized innovation through all levels of the business to help it grow.

If you don’t (or can’t) enable your employees with the latest technology, at best you’ll have an unproductive, unengaged workforce, while at worst you’ll have a talent shortage.

IT no longer has a choice. They must find a way to enable productivity and strategic goals while also keeping up with its own operational demands. Using platforms purpose-built for secure SaaS management, called SaaSOps platforms fill this void.

A SaaSOps platform helps IT manage a robust digital workplace to provide a positive employee experience – which starts with new employee IT onboarding.

New hire IT onboarding on day 1

Before the pandemic, many companies and certainly BetterCloud customers considered new employee onboarding to be a competitive weapon in keeping great talent. According to BambooHR research, a highly effective onboarding process makes new employees 18x more likely to feel highly committed to their organization.

This means that providing a superior employee experience starts the moment a new hire starts. And that includes IT, as well. Arming your new employee when they arrive with the tools they need to do their jobs is a key part of the process.

So how does your organization measure up compared to these new employee IT onboarding trends? And if you use a SaaS management or SaaSOps platform, where do you stand?

IT resources for new hires and how SaaSOps platforms help

According to our recent State of SaaSOps study, nearly all organizations grant new hires their computers on day one. As you can see, most organizations do pretty well with assigning group memberships, calendars, and their SaaS apps to start work to be instantly productive. However, there’s no doubt that a SaaSOps platform helps make sure new hires get off to the right start. Across every SaaS-related resource type, SaaSOps platform users consistently equip more new users.

Source: BetterCloud 2020 State of SaaSOps survey data

When considering company size, the impact of a SaaSOps platform on larger companies is unmistakable. Check out the chart below: A SaaSOps platform improves by a company’s ability to deliver day one access to SaaS apps during new hire IT onboarding.

Source: BetterCloud 2020 State of SaaSOps survey data

Furthermore, a SaaSOps platform dramatically helps IT provide that access to SaaS apps on day one quickly – even for organizations with many SaaS apps. The chart below shows that companies that use a SaaSOps platform help new hire IT onboarding give access to 45% more SaaS apps than non-SaaSOps users before a new employee’s first day. The SaaSOps group that provisions SaaS apps within 4 hours of a new employee’s start time provisions on average, more than 120 apps, which is 55% more than non-SaaSOps users.

Source: BetterCloud 2020 State of SaaSOps survey data

The obvious conclusion is that a SaaSOps platform like BetterCloud is critical to winning on employee experience. When a new employee joins and is welcomed with a complete set of tools to do their jobs, the battle for talent retention gets off to the best possible start.

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