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Have a question? Ask the Gooru!


October 16, 2012

2 minute read

General Google Apps Green

For almost a year, Ask the Gooru has been providing thousands of Google Apps end-users and administrators with helpful tricks, tips and tools to make the most of the Google products they rely on everyday. To many, the Gooru has remained a mystery – a nameless benevolent resource guiding his followers through the latest Google updates and feature releases. But as we approach the Gooru’s first birthday, we thought it appropriate to reveal the magic behind the man (stick figure?).

As the provider of the number one management tool for Google Apps, we know the Google Apps platform inside and out. Our team has been building on Google App Engine, consulting with customers on migration strategies and providing the best support and solutions for Google Apps management and security pretty much since Google Apps was first launched back in 2006.

Ask the Gooru, an idea inspired by a 60 Minutes segment featuring Kahn Academy, is made available to the public at no cost. From the start, it’s been BetterCloud’s mission to increase the adoption and usability of Google Apps and one way we do so is through Ask the Gooru.  As a community resource for the Google Apps ecosystem, the Gooru provides thousands with daily videos and newsletters and even answers those burning Google Apps questions through his very own Chrome extension.

Some may question our motives, some may think we’re crazy (last year Google released more than 100 Apps updates), but after a year, Ask the Gooru is stronger than ever and we’re excited to continue to provide our followers with the best Google Apps informational content out there – all for free!

Start exploring today – visit the Gooru at