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Google Sites Management and Visibility Now Available in FlashPanel

BetterCloud Monitor

June 27, 2013

2 minute read

sites screenshot

When we launched FlashPanel last July, the application only touched a few areas of the Google Apps suite – Users, Groups, OUs, Contacts and Gmail. A few months later, we added Drive functionality and continued to dive deeper into existing areas with features like reporting, bulk editing, password policies, workflows and much more.

Well, today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve continued to expand our coverage of the Apps suite with Google Sites Management and Visibility.

FlashPanel’s new Sites Management and Visibility features allow you to view all Sites created within your domain and give you the ability to add and remove collaborators, change owners in bulk or one by one and modify sharing settings.

Google Sites Management

While everyone using FlashPanel today can currently test out the new Sites functionality, when pricing goes into effect on September 12 we’ll be offering Sites Visibility – or inventory view – in our Basic (free) edition, while FlashPanel Enterprise (paid) will include Visibility and Management features, including sharing management and compliance. To view our full pricing plans, please visit

If you’d like to learn more about FlashPanel’s new Google Sites features, you can join us for a webinar next week:

In addition to Sites Management and Visibility, we’ve also added one important enhancement to FlashPanel’s navigation.

You’ll notice that “Google Apps” has replaced “Drive” on FlashPanel’s main navigation, which now reads Home | Directory | Google Apps | Reports | Tools. This change reflects the addition of Google Sites to FlashPanel and points to our plans to continue to add various aspects of the Google Apps suite. Coming this summer, look for us to add Calendar and Google+ functionality. We’ll also be updating Shared Contacts to make the feature easier to use and more robust.

If you’re interested in learning more about these upcoming changes, be sure to join BetterCloud’s CEO, David Politis, for a Hangout on Air today. You can register here.