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FlashPanel Gains Google Drive Compliance

David Politis

December 11, 2012

2 minute read

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We are pleased to announce the release of FlashPanel Version 1.8, which includes granular updates to security features as well as a new user provisioning workflow. This latest release significantly bolsters FlashPanel’s existing set of security tools by providing Google Drive sharing black and whitelists and auto compliance. We’re confident you’ll find FlashPanel 1.8 extremely helpful both in terms of monitoring your domain and adding new users and we’re looking forward to providing millions of FlashPanel customers with even more functionality in 2013.

BetterCloud Brings Google Drive Security & Compliance to Millions of Users

New Features Lock Down Google Docs Sharing Adding Vital Security to Thousands of Google Apps Domains

New York, New York, December 11, 2012 — BetterCloud, the leading provider of cloud management tools for Google Apps, today released a major new update to its flagship application, FlashPanel. This latest release builds on top of FlashPanel’s existing Google Drive security features by adding sharing policy compliance, and combined with the application’s already robust management tools, gives over 12,000 organizations and 4.9 million users an all-in-one tool for domain management and security needs.

Through the use of notifications and exception requests, this update gives Google Apps administrators the ability to push out compliance to front-line employees and their managers, thereby enabling and empowering every employee to take ownership over their own security.

Highly customizable Google Drive sharing policy compliance features allow you to:

  • Configure sharing policy per user, org. unit or entire domain
  • Create policy around who can share what with whom and how (publicly, publicly with a link, externally, within the domain, within the domain with a link)
  • Prohibit or allow specific domains through black/whitelisting (such as competitors or
  • Notify manager of policy violation
  • Notify user of policy violation
  • Transfer document ownership
  • Change document editors to view-only

“FlashPanel’s newest features address very common security concerns that cannot be handled natively in Google Apps,” said David Politis, BetterCloud’s Founder and CEO. “Based on customer feedback, organizations using Google Apps are looking for one tool to manage and secure their domains. Our newly released granular Google Drive controls, coupled with FlashPanel’s already powerful management tools, give customers a one stop shop for all domain management needs.”

Sharing compliance is particularly useful when administrators or executives suspect the improper dissemination of private company data. Blacklists first prohibit sharing with certain domains, likely that of a competitor, and compliance automatically puts improperly shared items back in line with the policy.

To get the most out of FlashPanel’s newest features, BetterCloud suggests first creating sharing policies and training users on those policies. Only after users are aware of company guidelines and restrictions, should compliance be enforced.

The latest release of FlashPanel also includes a highly requested user on-boarding feature know as the User Provisioning Workflow, similar to FlashPanel’s popular User Deprovisioning workflow. The new feature gives administrators the ability to:

  • Provision user accounts individually or in bulk
  • Walk through a step-by-step provisioning process to add group memberships, edit contact information, set up standardized email signatures and more

About BetterCloud 
BetterCloud is the leading provider of cloud management and security tools for Google Apps. FlashPanel, its flagship product, used by over 12,000 companies and 4.9 million users worldwide, is a directory management and Google Drive security tool that empowers Google Apps administrators by providing added controls, visibility, automation and more. BetterCloud also powers Ask the Gooru, which provides free Google Apps training videos and aims to further the adoption of Google Apps. BetterCloud is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit