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SaaS Management Platforms

Gartner Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms 2021: Discover, Manage & Secure Your SaaS Apps

Last week, Gartner published the 2021 edition of its Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs). Here’s our full analysis and key takeaways from the report.

Shreyas Sadalgi
6 min read

What Is a SaaS Management Platform?

What is a SaaS management platform (SMP), and what exactly does it do? Why do you need one? We cover everything you need to know about SMPs.

Natalie Robb
6 min read

SaaS Security: A Complete Best Practices Guide

As companies adopt more SaaS solutions to solve business challenges, the explosion of SaaS brings new benefits—but also new problems. In this post, we’ll dive into the biggest SaaS security challenges, plus best practices to help protect your organization.

Megan Bozman
10 min read

How to Think About Integrations in SaaS Management Platforms

As IT and security teams look to add to their SaaS operations (SaaSOps) stack, it’s important to understand the key role of integrations in SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs), particularly pre-built ones. Here’s what you need to know.

Natalie Robb
4 min read