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Bulk Functions Added to Email Delegation Tool


February 17, 2014

< 1 minute read

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BetterCloud’s email delegation tool is a widely popular one, allowing admins to delegate the inbox of one user to another so they can read and send messages on the user’s behalf.

After hearing several requests from customers to add bulk delegation management tools, we did some research and were surprised to find that the average Enterprise Google Apps domain has over 800 email delegation pairings. So, we made a few updates.

What’s new:
→ Search – type a user’s name to return all users’ inboxes they can access, and all users who have access to their inbox
→ Bulk delete – select the checkbox to the left of each delegation pairing and then click “Delete Delegates” to remove delegations in bulk

Tip: To delete only the delegations of a particular user, for example a suspended account, first search by a user’s name to narrow down results. Then, select the topmost checkbox in order to select all delegation pairings on that page, and click “Delete Delegates.”

Read the Help Center article for step-by-step instructions on setting up an email delegation.