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Building a Customer Success Team: Helping Our Customers Thrive


February 3, 2014

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BetterCloud has focused intensely on serving the needs of our customers since day one. We don’t build a feature, add an enhancement or change our roadmap for FlashPanel without first getting input from our customers – precisely the reason we just sent out our 2014 Q1 customer survey.

In fact, when we first launched FlashPanel in alpha in April 2012, we spent an hour demoing the product for each of our fifty alpha testers. These one-on-one calls, first conducted by members of our Product Support team, proved so valuable that we ultimately decided to establish an entire team dedicated to the success of our customers.

This past September, as FlashPanel came out of beta, we introduced the Customer Success team, which today helps more than 1,000 FlashPanel Enterprise customers successfully manage and secure their Google Apps domains.

Dedicating an Entire Team to Customer Success

For most small companies, investing often limited resources to build out a robust customer success team isn’t usually a main priority. However, more and more forward-thinking SaaS companies are making this team not only a priority, but a cornerstone of their overall business. To differentiate between our support and new customer success teams, we established a clear mission for our success managers: help IT administrators do their jobs better every day.

So, while the Support team is responsible for handling one-off support calls and live chats, liaising with the product development team to iron out any issues and tracking those issues to resolution, the Customer Success team is solely dedicated to helping our customers thrive both on FlashPanel and Google Apps – and we’re in a unique position to do so.

Helping Our Customers Thrive

BetterCloud sits in the middle of more than 20,000 Google Apps administrators and we’ve been collecting best practices, tips and how-to advice from these administrators since our founding. Our Customer Success managers are also Google Apps Deployment and Sales Certified Specialists and have years of experience working with the platform, which means they have the knowledge and expertise to help our customers succeed.

Through product demos, custom-tailored best practices manuals, step-by-step instructions for rolling out new FlashPanel features, quarterly status check-ins and feature previews, the Customer Success team makes sure our customers are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to do their jobs even better.

Measuring Success

While our Customer Success team is still fairly new, we’ve already seen the positive effects of the team’s efforts. Whether it’s a customer who discovered a new area of the suite, an admin setting up a Drive sharing policy to protect his domain or an executive running a report to measure Apps usage, our Customer Success managers are wholly dedicated to improving our customers’ day to day experiences with FlashPanel and Google Apps.

If you’d like to speak with one of our Customer Success managers, please email