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BetterCloud Workflows: New Enhancements Mark the Next Step Forward

David Politis

August 17, 2016

3 minute read

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Two months ago we launched BetterCloud Workflows, a new core technology that enables IT and security teams to orchestrate critical, complex processes to ensure accuracy, precision, and compliance across SaaS applications.

Workflows has seen remarkable adoption. In just seven weeks, our customers have run tens of thousands of automated workflows, saving thousands of hours that would have been spent on user lifecycle management (ULM) tasks.

In one case, a large customer of ours had accumulated a backlog of more than 700 users in a suspended state because of complex offboarding processes, which included dozens of steps as well as moving the accounts to Google Vault’s Former Employee license type. They estimated that it would take 18 weeks for an IT professional to fully offboard the 700 suspended accounts. Workflows automated the entire process, for all 700 accounts, in just 30 minutes.

Demo BetterCloud Workflows today.

On average, customer-created workflows contain seven actions. Across the tens of thousands of workflows run by our customers to date, here are the top 10 actions automated so far:

  • Remove User From Group
  • Add User to Group
  • Delete User
  • Hide / Show in Directory
  • Add User to Org. Unit
  • Unsuspend User
  • Suspend User
  • Revoke Third-Party Apps
  • Reset Password
  • Transfer User’s Files

Note: You can learn more about the power of Workflows by reading this article on the BetterCloud Help Center website.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce several huge enhancements today that greatly amplify the power of Workflows for our customers.

Workflows Now Trigger Automatically When Events Occur Outside BetterCloud

Users can now trigger Workflows in BetterCloud by taking action in any system that syncs into the Google Admin console, which includes Active Directory, Single Sign-On (SSO) providers, and many other applications.

Workflows listens for changes in the Google Admin console and acts on these changes within minutes, making BetterCloud a true automation hub for your cloud IT environment and allowing your IT and security teams to focus on higher value, more strategic work.

14 Brand New Events, Conditions, and Actions

With this release, we are also adding six new Events, three Conditions, and five Actions to the Workflows Builder–the majority of which are available to use today.

New Events

  • User’s Manager Changed: This event triggers a workflow when any user’s manager changes
  • User’s Title Changed: This event triggers a workflow when any user’s title is changed
  • New User Created: This event triggers a workflow when a new Google user is created. This event will also trigger when users are created outside of Google (i.e. Active Directory) and synced into the domain
  • New Group Created: This event triggers a workflow when any new group is created
  • User Added to Group: This event triggers a workflow when any user is added to any group
  • User Removed from Group: This event triggers a workflow when any user is removed from any group

New Conditions

  • Group: This condition scopes group-related workflow events by Google group
  • User is Active/Suspended: This condition scopes events by user’s status in Google
  • User’s Title: This condition scopes events by a user’s title

New Actions

  • Set Gmail Language: Set a user’s language in Gmail
  • Set Calendar Timezone: Set a user’s calendar timezone
  • Set User’s Profile: Set a user’s title, manager, department, company, and URL
  • Share Site: Share a specific Site with a user and set the appropriate permission
  • Share Drive File/Folder: Share a specific file/folder with a user and set the appropriate permission level (coming soon)

Again, you can learn more about Events, Conditions, and Actions by reading this article on the BetterCloud Help Center website.

New Skip/Stop on Failure Feature

Occasionally, workflows will fail. That’s why we made it possible to define if a workflow should stop or skip when an action fails. Every action now has two possible modes: “Skip” and “Stop.”

Updated User Interface

We’ve redesigned the DRAFT, INACTIVE, and ACTIVE experience in the Workflow Builder. It’s now very clear when a workflow is in DRAFT, ACTIVE, or INACTIVE mode.

Want to learn more about BetterCloud Workflows?

  • BetterCloud Enterprise and Pro customers can register here for a free training session with the BetterCloud success team. These sessions are first-come, first-serve and will fill up fast!
  • If you are new to BetterCloud, simply start a free Enterprise Trial today to try Workflows.
  • Basic customers can set up a demo to discuss how they can access Workflows.
  • Workflows is already available for use for all BetterCloud Enterprise and Enterprise Trial editions.
  • If you want to learn more about the value of Workflows, watch the video below.