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Demo from the CEO: 9 of the Most Powerful Use Cases for the New BetterCloud


August 15, 2017

2 minute read

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If you manage a modern workplace that uses SaaS apps like G Suite, Slack, Salesforce, and more, then the new BetterCloud platform is built just for you.

There isn’t anything like BetterCloud on the market. No other platform gives you root access to nearly every data object (i.e. your users, files, groups, permissions, configurations, and more) inside each of your SaaS apps.

But this creates challenges. The potential uses and possibilities of the new BetterCloud platform are overwhelming. To help demonstrate how our vision for SaaS application management and security is now becoming a reality, BetterCloud founder and CEO David Politis recently held a series of customer-only webinars to bring our customers up to speed on everything the new platform can do.

Since many BetterCloud customers subscribe to the Monitor, we thought you would enjoy some of the highlights. Here are nine of the best real-life use cases for the new BetterCloud platform.

Customers can access the new BetterCloud platform here. If you’re interested but not a customer, you can request more information here.

1. Audit public files across multiple SaaS apps and disable public sharing

2. Configure an alert to identify users that are forwarding email to Gmail

3. Set up alerts for when new Dropbox admins are added or when Slack admins don’t have two-factor authentication enabled

4. Create a security policy to automatically prevent users from email forwarding to Gmail

5. Build a comprehensive and automated G Suite offboarding workflow

6. Create granular administrative roles that limit functionality and access to different SaaS applications

7. View and take action on individual user’s memberships, files, and settings across apps

8. Drill down and set group membership, permission, and posting settings

9. Add your entire sales department to your #sales Slack channel