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Hidden Shortcuts for Creating Calendar Events Right from Gmail

Meetings might be a necessary evil, but creating calendar events for them doesn’t have to be. Instead of creating your events manually, here are two useful shortcuts you can use. With just a few clicks, you can add events to Google Calendar right from Gmail–and all of the essential details will be automatically filled in for you.


Customize Chrome To Always Open Specific Pages (or Wherever You Left Off)

When you open Chrome, do you always head to the same pages, like your email, calendar, news, etc.? Here’s a time-saving trick: You can customize Chrome to open specific pages each time you open your browser. Alternatively, you can also customize it to pick up where you left off, which will open the same tabs you were viewing when you closed it.


The 11 Best G Suite Updates of 2016

2016 was an exciting year for G Suite. Whether it was improving existing features with machine intelligence or rolling out new products entirely, there were lots of updates that are helping us work faster and more efficiently now. Here’s a roundup of our favorite updates from 2016.


6 Ways to Become a Google Slides Pro

Are you a Google Slides master? If you’re not there yet, have no fear. Once you take advantage of these useful features, tricks, and shortcuts, you’ll be a Slides expert in no time.