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How to Connect Google Calendar to Slack

Connecting your Google Calendar to Slack is a fantastic way to save time and stay organized. You can get Calendar reminders and updates right inside Slack, eliminating the need to use multiple apps and constantly switch between windows and tabs.


Dropbox Paper: An Alternative to Google Docs

With its ultra-simple, elegant design, Dropbox Paper is a beautiful alternative to Google Docs. But it’s not just a pretty face–this powerful collaboration tool has a few key features that differentiate it from Docs. Here’s a brief intro.

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How to Doodle on Your PowerPoint Presentation

If you want to highlight certain points or ideas in your PowerPoint presentation but the laser pointer isn’t quite cutting it, you can try another tactic. Here’s how to draw on your presentation to help get your point across.


Hidden Shortcuts for Creating Calendar Events Right from Gmail

Meetings might be a necessary evil, but creating calendar events for them doesn’t have to be. Instead of creating your events manually, here are two useful shortcuts you can use. With just a few clicks, you can add events to Google Calendar right from Gmail–and all of the essential details will be automatically filled in for you.


Customize Chrome To Always Open Specific Pages (or Wherever You Left Off)

When you open Chrome, do you always head to the same pages, like your email, calendar, news, etc.? Here’s a time-saving trick: You can customize Chrome to open specific pages each time you open your browser. Alternatively, you can also customize it to pick up where you left off, which will open the same tabs you were viewing when you closed it.