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9 Reasons Why BetterCloud Marketing is Better Than Best Practice


April 25, 2017

4 minute read


1. We create incredible content and powerful messaging about our product.

Since its launch exactly one year ago, the BetterCloud Monitor has received 4 million visits. Readers have called our content “top-notch,” “easily the best blog out there,” and “a must-read.” One reader even wrote, “I have been blown away by how useful and interesting the emails are. This is definitely my favorite new newsletter.”

2. We send out that content via sophisticated automated emails and multi-step drip campaigns.

This year, we’ve sent out a whopping 5.22 million (!) emails. This includes product updates to customers, Monitor newsletters, partner newsletters, and demand gen campaigns.

3. We generate buzz around the BetterCloud name.

We do things differently at BetterCloud, and we want the world to know.

Plus, TechCrunch covered the launch of our new platform back in December.

Our research has also been cited in major publications like CIO, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and more.

4. We win awards for our content, year after year.

This year, we were a 2017 Killer Content Award winner (we even won a trophy!). We were in good company; other winners included FedEx, Thomson Reuters, and Deloitte. We were recognized for excellence in short-form content: “Brands that created snackable, easy-to-digest content to generate engagement from audiences.”

5. When reporters need an expert opinion on IT, SaaS, content marketing, etc., they reach out to us.

We’ve done multiple interviews with publications like:

6. We create brand advocates and long-lasting relationships.

We’ve created strong relationships with a few “rockstar” customers. As a result, we can consistently count on them to be BetterCloud brand advocates. For example, they’re panelists in our webinars. They’re BetterIT admins. They participate in case studies. They talk about BetterCloud in other communities. By creating these “evangelists,” it helps spread the word about BetterCloud. 


7. Working together with Support, we created BetterIT, the first IT community of its kind.

BetterIT was launched seven months ago, and it’s since swelled to over 1,200 members. Our members have called it “awesome” and “an incredible addition.” We’ll dive into this a bit more in our Altitude presentation.


8. We work closely with sales, which doesn’t happen at most companies.

The sales team often uses our content to help educate prospects and customers. We’ll provide more details about this in our presentation too. Stay tuned.


9. We create the best swag on the planet.

At Google Next, we gave away 1,000 branded tote bags, as well as 1,000 of our world-famous BetterCloud hoodies.

And everyone loves our hoodies!