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Reduce software expenses & eliminate thousands of hours of IT work

Is your IT team trying to get a handle on all of your software costs? Are manual, time-consuming tasks holding your IT team back from contributing to business-critical initiatives?

BetterCloud automates employee onboarding & offboarding, license reclamation, spend management, application access, and entitlement to help eliminate thousands of hours of manual IT work and thousands of dollars in wasted software expenses.


Seismic's IT team leveraged BetterCloud to:

Save 860 hours in one year using ULM workflows.

Configure over 750 automated steps in onboarding and offboarding workflows

Execute over 17,000 actions in one year using ULM workflows

Steve Foley

BetterCloud answered the most problems for us. It was the solution that could save our team time and effort. It aligned with the way the IT team was looking to automate and streamline processes.”

Steve Foley, Senior IT Automation Engineer at Seismic

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Manage expenses and reclaim licenses

Simplify renewals, manage licenses, and eliminate shadow IT.

  • Manage software licenses and contract renewals with industry benchmarks
  • Prevent overlap in subscriptions and drive spending efficiency
  • Identify underutilized resources and cut your expenses
Three colleagues looking at computer monitors while discussing spend management
Woman on computer utilizing BetterCloud automations

Set up new workflows and automations in minutes

We built BetterCloud with every IT employee in mind. Our SaaS management platform is quick to implement and easy to use. The work of IT is important and the company depends on you; a SaaS Management Platform should enable that work, not add to it.

  • Configure automations with a no-code drag and drop workflow builder
  • Automate employee onboarding and offboarding with dynamic workflow decisioning and workflow scheduling
  • Access a library of hundreds of workflow actions, triggers, and templates

Build guardrails, not gates

Easily implement a least privilege model so that users only have access to the specific apps, files, and data that they need.

  • Get centralized visibility of user access to applications and files containing potentially sensitive data
  • Locate and decommission unwarranted “super admins” and fine-tune individual account privileges
  • Provide specific, limited, and time-bound external user access that allows for productivity without compromising security for your sensitive business data
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What BetterCloud delivers


decrease in time spent on user lifecycle management


faster resolution of IT helpdesk tickets


actions available for bulk changes and workflows

Wave company office photo with man walking by windows

Wave increases productivity by automating multiple IT processes with BetterCloud

“When I joined the team at Wave, we’d grant appropriate access to each employee by the end of the first week, or occasionally by the beginning of that person’s second week. Now, we can get all of that work done by the end of their first day.”

Bob Przybyla, Senior IT Manager, Wave

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Trusted by IT: BetterCloud is the highest rated and most complete SaaS Management Platform on G2

G2 rated BetterCloud a Leader in 30+ of its Spring 2024 grid reports, including SaaS Operations Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security, User Provisioning and Governance (UPG), and Cloud File Security, among others.

G2 Top 50 Security Products 2024 G2 Top 50 IT Mgmt Products 2024 G2 Leader Spring 2024 G2 Easiest Admin Spring 2024 G2 Highest User Adoption Spring 2024

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