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BetterCloud vs. Torii

Why choose BetterCloud? BetterCloud is the market leader for SaaS Operations, empowering IT to transform their employee experience, centralize data protection, and maximize operational efficiency. By automating critical work, BetterCloud's thousands of customers enjoy greater employee productivity and more secure IT environments. With BetterCloud you get:

A powerful, no-code automation engine that enables anyone in IT to create, manage, and update workflows

Critical visibility into SaaS usage, including risky Shadow IT apps employees are bringing into your environment

Data loss prevention and protection against insider threats through intelligent, automated alerts and remediation


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Automated Workflows
Offers a no-code workflow engine and pre-configured templates that make it easy for anyone in IT to automate everyday SaaS management and security tasks.
Limited 1
Self-Service IT
Seamlessly integrates with HRIS, ITSM, or forms to automatically kick off automated workflows, enabling zero-touch IT.
Centralized SaaS Management
Performs bulk tasks across all your SaaS apps without the need for multiple user accounts. Provides visibility into all apps currently in use, including Shadow IT.
Limited 3
Least Privilege Access
Fine-tunes individual account privileges so that users and delegated admins only have access to the specific apps, files, and data that they need.
Limited 4
Security Alerts
Get alerted immediately for unwanted public file sharing and easily audit to assess exposure.
Limited 5
License Optimization
Quickly identifies apps with overlapping functionality to consolidate usage, saving on cost and boosting collaboration.
Application Insights
Extracts deep insights and analytics from the SaaS apps in your environment to improve efficiency and enhance employee productivity.

Data accurate as January 27, 2022. See references.

BetterCloud is the highest rated and most complete SaaS Management Platform on G2

G2 rated BetterCloud a Leader in nine of its Winter 2022 grid reports, including SaaS Operations Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security, User Provisioning and Governance (UPG), and Cloud File Security.

See what our customers have to say

“Automate onboarding and offboarding!”


I love how easy it is to automate granular tasks for offboarding specifically. You can set it to reset a person’s email password, revoke all access to that account, set a vacation responder, automatically start forwarding email to that person’s manager, revoke access to all BetterCloud connected apps, and then set automated follow ups for 60 and 90 days to ask the manager if they want to delete that account or keep it active. It’s a real timesaver and amazing for security. Onboarding is even better. You can automatically add people to groups based on things like department and location, send invites to specific applications, all with minimal lift. It’s wonderful.


Administrator in Financial Services
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“BetterCloud is a quality product for the modern company”


BetterCloud takes away the error-prone nature of opening and closing of the company toolbox for employees entering and leaving in a structured and secure way. It also adds to the security of the IT check list by using searches to find taboo material, if social security numbers or credit cards are being types in messages across different applications used in the company. A final benefit is that you can customize either always active workflows, or have run on demand for specific tasks that have greater impacts. We tend to make more serious implication workflows be only run on demand, since we want a real person to make that judgement call on if to run it.


Sys Admin
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"An amazing and intuitive tool to wrangle your SaaS sprawl"


The ease of navigation is probably the best impression I received from the tool. When I took over IAM / SaaS config and vendor management at my company, I did not have any previous knowledge of BetterCloud. I was able to dive in, and without initially checking any documentation, I was able to find the information I sought and push the updates I needed. Most recently I was able to add an integration following a quick guide and dig into workflows without any training on the workflow process itself. For more complex configurations there is a community and articles available!


System Administrator
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Excella excels in IT automation with BetterCloud

Every time a consultant was hired or left the company, Excella’s IT team had to spend 2-3 hours performing over 90 manual steps across 17 SaaS applications. With BetterCloud's no-code workflow engine, Excella's IT team can onboard or offboard a consultant in just 10 seconds. The massive time savings has allowed their IT team to work on higher impact projects that bring greater business value to the organization.


First Round Capital protects PII with BetterCloud

First Round is a venture capital firm whose employees handle sensitive and proprietary information daily. Any data exposure can trigger major compliance issues and a loss of trust. The First Round IT team leverages BetterCloud to scan for and automatically unshare files that contain protected PII and other confidential information.


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