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Zero Touch Offboarding

Simplify the steps associated with a departing employee using powerful automation to save time & protect company data.

Increase IT efficiency

Reduce the time required to offboard an employee from an average of 9 hours to less than 30 minutes so your team can focus on what matters most for your organization.


Prevent Data Loss

Mitigate your security risk by reducing the potential for user-error with automated workflows for revoking access and by leveraging audit logs for reporting and compliance needs.


Within weeks of using BetterCloud, we were able to decrease offboarding times by 80%, and at the same time, increase the confidence rate and visibility, which gave our HR team peace of mind."

Jeremy Oddo

Director of Technology, The Third Floor, inc.


Support beyond deprovisioning

With support for 900+ actions, IT teams can build workflows that automatically remove users' access to apps and groups as well as transfer files to other team members.


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