Policy Enforcement

Running queries by hand, tracking issues in a spreadsheet, and performing searches with native tools can take up significant resources, are too slow for modern-day compliance policies, and run the risk of human error. BetterCloud improves security and supports regulatory compliance with automated policy enforcement that dynamically listens to changes in your environment and acts on anything in violation of your set policies.

Regulatory Compliance

Implement regulatory compliance policies in your environment to ensure any existing and future violations are automatically corrected.

  • Produce documentation to show previous users have been fully offboarded from all applications, including removal of access, ownership of files, and devices wiped
  • Identify all users with email forwarding enabled and automatically disable it for future employees who forward emails to personal accounts
  • Keep groups and files private with policies that dynamically revert the settings if a user or administrator changes the access to public
  • Export user and data information across applications in seconds, including reports on total users across applications, the access users have, and documents each user owns

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Document Management

Reduce the risk of a potential data breach by automatically enforcing security policies and maintaining records of documents stored within your applications.

  • Detect public documents that contain sensitive information like credit card numbers or patient IDs and automatically enforce sharing settings
  • Maintain reports of all documents that contain sensitive information, the owners of the documents, and the existing sharing settings
  • Put alerts and safeguards in place so users with access to confidential information, such as finance and HR, cannot download an inordinate number of files
  • Find and automatically unshare public links to documents without consulting the document owner

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Rogue Users and Administrators

Monitor user and administrator behavior by centralizing administrator actions to a single platform and storing comprehensive audit logs.

  • Quickly find actions taken by rogue administrators with a centralized log of administrator actions across applications that includes a timestamp and a brief description of the action taken
  • Only give users access to the data objects and functionality they need access to with a least privilege administrator model
  • Ensure administrators are not accidentally added to your environment with policies that revoke access to administrators over a set number
  • Identify important user behavior, such as users creating public files, downloading large files, or new administrators, by configuring system alerts

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