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IT’s No-Code Automation Platform for Hypergrowth

Leverage the power of IT automation to do more with the team you have. BetterCloud’s no-code workflow builder makes it easy for anyone in your IT department to automate everything from onboarding to file security. As your company scales, BetterCloud can help you grow your IT capabilities without adding headcount.

Create automated workflows in minutes with BetterCloud’s no-code builder

Take over 1,000 actions in 70+ SaaS apps either automatically or in bulk

Resolve incoming help desk tickets with automated workflows

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Onboard New Hires in Minutes

Make sure new hires have the app and resource access they need to be productive right away.

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Automate your onboarding process to immediately provision accounts and access to shared resources

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Use our workflow templates to follow best practices and quickly build automated, multi-app onboarding processes

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Kick off onboarding workflows automatically with data from an HRIS or through a ticketing system


Offboard Employees Faster to Reduce Risk

Automate offboarding to save hours of IT time—and protect your IT environment from disruptive actions by departing employees.

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Immediately revoke access to devices, apps, and more on the employee’s last day

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Automatically transfer ownership of shared resources, calendar events, and more

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Start an automated offboarding workflow instantly as soon as a ticket is submitted, or an employee’s status changes in an HRIS

Resolve Tickets Automatically

Orchestrate zero-touch workflows that maximize efficiency and keep employees happy and productive.

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Integrate with an ITSM like Jira or ServiceNow to start automated workflows as soon as a ticket is submitted

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Build workflows that receive ticket data, request manager approval, and provision SaaS accounts — with no IT involvement

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Create self-service portals that resolve SaaS access requests in minutes, at any time of day or night


What BetterCloud Delivers


decrease in time spent on user lifecycle management


faster resolution of IT helpdesk tickets


actions available for bulk changes and workflows

Wave-Featured Image

Wave Increases Productivity by Automating Multiple IT Processes with BetterCloud

"When I joined the team at Wave, we’d grant appropriate access to each employee by the end of the first week, or occasionally by the beginning of that person’s second week. Now, we can get all of that work done by the end of their first day.”

Bob Przybyla

Senior IT Manager, Wave

See what our customers have to say

“Automate onboarding and offboarding!”


I love how easy it is to automate granular tasks for offboarding specifically. You can set it to reset a person’s email password, revoke all access to that account, set a vacation responder, automatically start forwarding email to that person’s manager, revoke access to all BetterCloud connected apps, and then set automated follow ups for 60 and 90 days to ask the manager if they want to delete that account or keep it active. It’s a real timesaver and amazing for security. Onboarding is even better. You can automatically add people to groups based on things like department and location, send invites to specific applications, all with minimal lift. It’s wonderful.


Administrator in Financial Services
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“BetterCloud is a quality product for the modern company”


BetterCloud takes away the error-prone nature of opening and closing of the company toolbox for employees entering and leaving in a structured and secure way. It also adds to the security of the IT check list by using searches to find taboo material, if social security numbers or credit cards are being types in messages across different applications used in the company. A final benefit is that you can customize either always active workflows, or have run on demand for specific tasks that have greater impacts. We tend to make more serious implication workflows be only run on demand, since we want a real person to make that judgement call on if to run it.


Sys Admin
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"An amazing and intuitive tool to wrangle your SaaS sprawl"


The ease of navigation is probably the best impression I received from the tool. When I took over IAM / SaaS config and vendor management at my company, I did not have any previous knowledge of BetterCloud. I was able to dive in, and without initially checking any documentation, I was able to find the information I sought and push the updates I needed. Most recently I was able to add an integration following a quick guide and dig into workflows without any training on the workflow process itself. For more complex configurations there is a community and articles available!


System Administrator
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

BetterCloud is the highest rated and most complete SaaS Management Platform on G2

G2 rated BetterCloud a Leader in nine of its Winter 2023 grid reports, including SaaS Operations Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security, User Provisioning and Governance (UPG), and Cloud File Security.


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