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Get an Assessment of your SaaS Environment

Discover the full scope of SaaS applications in your environment and uncover opportunities for savings on license costs with a FREE personalized report from BetterCloud.

BetterCloud is the only SaaS operations (SaaSOps) platform that enables IT to discover, manage, and secure all of their SaaS applications. Your custom SaaSOps report will utilize BetterCloud’s Discover solution to give you full visibility into all applications—sanctioned or not—running within your environment.

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Talk to a Solutions Engineer about the SaaS Assessment

Save on License Costs
Streamline management of licenses across your entire SaaS stack to save money, eliminate redundancies, and maximize the value of your SaaS solutions.
Reduce Security Risks
Improve the security posture of your SaaS environment by identifying unsanctioned applications, at-risk data and unapproved access, including third-party applications.
Increase Visibility & Insight
Gain deep insight into your application environment, including sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, to drive adoption and learn how users are interacting with apps.
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What You Get

Our solutions engineering team will leverage BetterCloud Discover to create your custom SaaS assessment. The assessment will show you:

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How many applications are in your environment and which applications are potentially risky

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Opportunities to save money through license reclamation and eliminating redundant applications

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The number of third-party applications existing in your SaaS environment, and those with elevated permissions