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A Guide to Effective SaaS Management Using a Zero Trust Security Model

Apps have moved to the cloud and users are accessing them from anywhere, any time, on multiple devices. Despite that, the way enterprises secure access to applications has largely remained unchanged — they are still dependent on the corporate network perimeter.

The new reality, however, is that people are the perimeter.

As such, companies need to invest in a new security architecture to effectively manage their sprawling SaaS portfolio.

Enter: Zero Trust.

In this white paper, Co-Founder and CEO of BeyondID Arun Shrestha provides strategic guidance and tactical tips on how to leverage a Zero Trust security model to effectively manage your SaaS applications.

What's Inside:

  • Detailed discussion of why network-based security is no longer adequate today — and why companies must find new ways to effectively manage their sprawling SaaS portfolios
  • An overview of what the Zero Trust security model entails
  • 12 best practices to implement when rolling out Zero Trust to holistically manage your SaaS apps
  • 8 critical steps and 10 key technologies for achieving a Zero Trust security model in your SaaS environment