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Fixing IT's Blind Spots: 8 Critical Security and Management Policies to Implement in Your SaaS Environment

In this whitepaper, we will:

  • Share the most progressive SaaS security and management best practices
  • Identify the most prevalent security blind spots
  • Explain which policies you must implement at the bare minimum and why

With limited visibility into their SaaS environments, many IT professionals aren’t sure where security threats reside or how to prevent sensitive data exposure.


After surveying, interviewing, and talking to thousands of modern IT professionals in the past few years, we’ve summarized in this in-depth whitepaper the eight most prevalent blind spots in SaaS environments and the IT policies that can fix them. Policies are essential for monitoring and protecting corporate data. They bring visibility to these blind spots, which are persistent, growing threats.


Our customers have been floored when they learn that these blind spots exist in their environment, and we’ve seen them drop everything to fix them immediately.

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