The Dream of Remote Work Is Here to Stay: 

  • The 10 most common pitfalls in a remote-first world (and how to avoid them)

  • How SaaSOps can help IT securely enable remote work

  • Tips for training & communicating with end users

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With companies like Twitter, Shopify, and Facebook announcing long-term or even permanent WFH plans, the workplace will likely never be the same again. 

Securely enabling remote work is part of “the new normal”—and a key component of IT business enablement.

But as SaaS apps proliferate across the org, pitfalls can multiply. In this eBook, we’ll walk you through the common slippery slopes and show you the path for avoiding painful plummets down the cliffs.

  • How to make a solid business case
  • The six items every great business case must include
  • A comprehensive business case template for automating offboarding
  • Step-by-step guidance on completing it
  • An email template to help make the case to your manager
  • Examples of financial analysis scenarios for automated offboarding

10 Common IT Pitfalls to Avoid in a World of SaaS

W H A T ' S   I N S I D E

10 Common IT Pitfalls to Avoid in a World of SaaS