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Zero touch SaaS management

Eliminate up to 78% of SaaS management work by automating user lifecycle processes and day-to-day operations in a multi-SaaS environment.

More productive on day 1

Ensure all new employees gain immediate access to the devices, apps, data, and groups they need to deliver value in their new role.


Having a person dedicated to onboarding manually, copying and pasting between systems, introduces human error. Having that process automated based on a trigger is secure and efficient."

Carl Michael Strauss

IT Director, Voi


Offboard with confidence

Automatically remove users' access to application/groups as well as transfer files and resources to reduce the risk of data leakage from manual and incomplete offboarding processes. 


A lot of times someone would take shortcuts. For example, if you cut access to an IDaaS platform you think you’re okay because the departed employee can’t get into any apps. But it’s the other apps down the line that you put off, or moving data to a manager, that have an impact on end users who remain with the company.”

Brandon Wolf

Senior SaaSOps Engineer, Gainsight


Focus on what matters most

Eliminate the need for manual and time-consuming help desk ticket resolution and day-to-day operations by integrating BetterCloud automation with your ITSM. This will free up time to focus on strategic projects that can drive the growth of your business.


I didn’t look at other vendors. I knew BetterCloud was the best solution. I’ve seen how it can help uncover problem areas, streamline provisioning, and implement automations so IT can focus on strategic initiatives.”

Jesus Ward

Director of IT, Superfly


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