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Slack Enterprise Grid now available in the BetterCloud Integration Center

Today we are proud to announce general availability of our Slack Enterprise Grid integration. Now BetterCloud users can automate Slack channel and workspace membership in their BetterCloud onboarding and offboarding workflows, as part of their zero touch SaaS user management strategy powered by BetterCloud.

What is Slack Enterprise Grid?

Slack Enterprise Grid is Slack’s highest tier of product built for large enterprises who struggle to manage all of their users in a single workspace. With Slack Enterprise Grid, administrators can manage thousands of users and segment their organization into multiple workspaces and have a single management control plane across all. For example, some companies choose to provision a workspace for each business unit. Others choose to provision workspaces for each department. 

With this new integration, BetterCloud now gives IT teams the tools to gain visibility into Slack Enterprise Grid user’s across workspaces, channels, and user groups and manage those user’s throughout their lifecycle. With these new tools you can build out new automation workflows for new and departing employees.

Getting started

Once Slack Enterprise Grid is enabled, users can choose to incorporate the ability to add members to workspaces, channels, and user groups as well as add single and multi-channel guests into channels. 

To learn more about integrating with Slack Enterprise Grid, visit our Help Center.

Onboarding and offboarding Slack Enterprise Grid users

Save time onboarding across unlimited workspaces.

BetterCloud users can now create members and make sure they are set up to collaborate across their Enterprise by adding them to the appropriate workspaces, channels, and user groups based on their department, title, org unit and more. If anything changes about the user, it’s easy to automatically edit their profile (Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Title, Email) so future workflows will execute on the most up to date and accurate user information.

Users can also onboard guests, like contractors, interns, or clients, who need limited access to their company’s Slack workspace. Invite multi or single-channel guests to a channel and then continue to add them to all channels required for them to successfully perform their role. 

Confidently offboard across unlimited workspaces.

Users can also have their access automatically removed from workspaces, channels, and user groups by deactivating the user. If that user comes back from temporary leave or is re-employed, it is simple to reactivate that user and add them back to the workspaces, channels, and user groups required.

Streamline merger and acquisition changes.

Going through a reorganization means re-structuring all your Slack workspaces and channels. With the ability to remove users from workspaces, channels, and user groups IT teams can easily remove users current access and reassign them by adding them to the new workspaces, channels, and user groups. 

Onboarding and Offboarding Slack Enterprise Grid users

Managing channel membership via User360

Quickly accomplish day-to-day management.

Understand who your Slack Enterprise Grid members and guests are within an organization’s environment and manage their individual access to workspaces, channels, and user groups with a single view highlighting all their memberships. It’s now easier to keep an eye on limited access guest accounts to uphold least privilege access policies.

managing channel membership via User360

If you have some ideas, or want inspiration on how to use it, visit our BetterIT Slack community and let us know what you think. Our team would love to hear from you.

More product documentation can be found at our help center.