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New and Enhanced Actions and Alerts

For December, we are excited to announce the following new and enhanced actions and alerts for BetterCloud integrations. These new features are part of our continued commitment to broadening and deepening BetterCloud integrations to help IT teams automate management and security workflows in their SaaS environments.

New Features

Set Group Content Settings Action

Reset Password Action

  • • Dynamic Password:
    • ○ Password Length and Complexity is automatically set using their highest Password requirements.
    • ○ Supports ability to send new password to User’s Email

User’s Manager Changed Alert

  • • Trigger a Workflow when the User’s Manager changes in Okta

Integration-Specific Workflow Templates:
Now, when navigating to specific Workflow Templates, there will be a new step that allows you to select what instance of an integration the Workflow Template should target in order to provide you with the best practices for that integration and increase success. The following Workflow Templates are now integration specific:

  • • Archive Empty Public Channels
  • • Revoke Super Admin Privileges
  • • Secure Group Viewing
  • • Privatize Group Membership
  • • Secure Group Posting
  • • Remove External Memberships
  • • Manage Guest Users



Remove File Collaborators

  • • Now supports removal of an external user across multiple files in a single action.
  • • Previously, while BetterCloud showed Admins the external users that had access to individual files, our typeaheads did not allow admins to target those users across files for removal. So, if an organization had a contractor across many documents, they must be removed one at a time.
  • • Supports internal user typeahead and external user emails in an open text box