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We are excited to announce 3 new actions: Add User to Group, Remove User from Group and Reset Password for our OneLogin integration. BetterCloud now allows you to configure OneLogin user’s Groups and Reset Passwords. These are great additions to your existing onboarding and offboarding flows. We have also enhanced existing actions, and are looking to have you start using these in your workflows. We now offer a total of 12 different actions for OneLogin.


Add User to Group and Remove User from Group:

OneLogin allows users to be in a Group to help with organization. These two actions will help cover that use-case within BetterCloud workflows.


Reset Password

An important action when Offboarding Users, and also while doing one off troubleshooting for your users.

We are excited to enable you to take advantage of these actions to automate this process within your workflows.

Click here to see it in the product.