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Right permissions from day one

Granular controls and policies that guarantee your users have the perfect amount of access.

Keep admins in check

Easily right-size roles and permissions across the different SaaS apps within your IT environment to improve overall system safety and control

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Cross-app, multi-instance view of Super Administrators

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Alerts for changes to administrative access

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Ability to change admin access in bulk or automatically


File security, simplified

Simplify the remediation of file security threats with automated workflows that control access to any files containing sensitive data.


IT is looking very good because of BetterCloud’s automations, PII alerts, and app alerts. Having BetterCloud in place for two plus years has been a big shining point with us [IT] and security.”

Jon Aviles

Senior IT Identity Management Engineer, Ibotta


Know who’s doing what

Reduce the risk of malicious or negligent user actions by centralizing the management of user access and permissions for each SaaS application


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