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Onboard New Hires in Minutes

Leverage the power of IT automation to eliminate tedious onboarding tasks, reduce human error, and ensure new hires have access to the apps they need to be productive on day one. And while other tools stop at new user creation, BetterCloud automates other common user lifecycle management tasks such as mid-lifecycle changes and offboarding.

Automate your onboarding process to immediately provision accounts and access to shared resources

Use our workflow templates to follow best practices and quickly build multi-app onboarding automations

Kick off onboarding workflows automatically with data from an HRIS or through a ticketing system


Streamline workflow creation by using pre-made templates that leverage best practices for the most common automated policies and procedures.


Easily and quickly create comprehensive workflows that ensure all new employees gain access to the resources they need on day one.


Complete and consistent automation associated with a departing employee to save valuable time and protect sensitive company data.


Easily implement a least privilege model so that users only have access to the specific apps, files and data that they need.


Create centralized and granular security policies with automated workflows that proactively control access to any files containing sensitive data.

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Improved Employee Productivity

Create powerful workflows that ensure all new employees gain access to the devices, apps, data, and groups they need to deliver immediate value in their new role.


Less Time to Execute

Save time using automated processes that are customized for your onboarding requirements so your IT team can focus on more meaningful projects.

  • Eliminate up to 78% of SaaS management work
  • Streamline help desk ticket resolution and day-to-day operations
  • Improve staff utilization to better scale IT impact

Support Beyond Provisioning

With more than 1,200 available actions across 70+ SaaS app integrations, BetterCloud automates onboarding, offboarding & mid-lifecycle changes, access & entitlements, and security policies in a multi-SaaS environment.


See what our customers have to say

Logo Excella

Excella excels in IT automation with BetterCloud

Every time a consultant was hired or left the company, Excella’s IT team had to spend 2-3 hours performing over 90 manual steps across 17 SaaS applications. With BetterCloud's no-code workflow engine, Excella's IT team can onboard or offboard a consultant in just 10 seconds. The massive time savings has allowed their IT team to work on higher impact projects that bring greater business value to the organization.

firstround logoblack

First Round Capital protects PII with BetterCloud

First Round is a venture capital firm whose employees handle sensitive and proprietary information daily. Any data exposure can trigger major compliance issues and a loss of trust. The First Round IT team leverages BetterCloud to scan for and automatically unshare files that contain protected PII and other confidential information.

Trusted and loved by IT: BetterCloud is the highest rated and only all-in-one SaaS Management Platform on G2

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