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Moving Towards Zero Touch IT With BetterCloud and Zoho Desk


January 20, 2022

2 minute read


Onboarding is a time-consuming process that is rife with potential pitfalls for IT. Not only does it take time away from more strategic projects, but human error is borderline likely, especially without automation. The end-result is that new hires experience untold delays that keep them from hitting the ground running. 

As we’ve done in previous installments of our series on zero touch IT, let’s explore how you can optimize your onboarding process by leveraging BetterCloud’s integration with Zoho Desk.

The challenge

In the diagram below, you’ll see the typical process that IT uses for provisioning new users. HR typically creates a ticket in an ITSM solution such as Zoho Desk. From there, IT reviews vital information about the new employee and uses it to grant access to all the SaaS applications they need to do their job.

These manual actions tend to be nuanced and have various levels of depth depending on the SaaS application. Some examples of these repetitive tasks include sharing the relevant calendars, adding to role-specific groups, giving access to team files, and setting up appropriate aliases. As an organization grows its headcount, the time IT spends on these tasks increases exponentially

The solution

All the granular manual actions that we discussed above can be automated utilizing BetterCloud. The diagram below paints a picture of the future state that’s possible utilizing Zoho Desk with BetterCloud. 

As you’ll see in the diagram below, BetterCloud provisions users in the IDP and across other applications as soon as HR creates a ticket in Zoho Desk.

This automated workflow eliminates that initial step that required IT to read a ticket and manually create the new account in the IDP. This also enables IT to be more proactive in regards to onboarding new employees

To see how BetterCloud and Zoho Desk work together, watch this video to see the integration in action:

YouTube video

What’s next?

Want to learn more about how BetterCloud can help your IT organization increase efficiency and deliver a best-in-class employee experience? Request a demo.

To view how to configure BetterCloud's integration with Zoho Desk, click here.