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Moving Towards Zero Touch IT With BetterCloud and Zendesk


January 5, 2022

3 minute read

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Our CEO David Politis recently explained that as SaaS adoption continues to explode, it’s clear that we’ll be using SaaS for the rest of our careers. Not surprisingly, the average IT team manages  110 SaaS applications, which has made automation an essential tool for keeping up with demand. 

However, IT teams aren’t leveraging automation just to keep the lights on. As we’ve discussed in previous installments of our series on moving towards zero touch IT, forward-thinking organizations have found creative ways to use automation to create a self-service environment for all employees. 

Today, let’s explore how you can take another step towards a zero touch IT mindset by integrating Zendesk with BetterCloud. 

Current challenges

One challenge that all IT teams face is ensuring end users have access to the applications they need. Typically, IT follows the same manual, redundant, and time-consuming process to provide access. In the diagram below, we’ve outlined what this process typically looks like. 

Not only does the user have to submit a ticket into Zendesk manually, but they have to wait for IT to complete the actions we’ve outlined in the diagram above. While these tasks aren’t difficult, they are time-consuming—and ultimately, end-users have little to no insight into how much time it will take IT to fulfill their request.

Because app requests are among the most frequently-submitted IT tickets, the burden of this process adds up quickly. As frustrating as this is for end-users, it’s even more challenging for IT teams, many of which have been asked to do more with smaller budgets and decreased headcounts. These are just a few reasons that it’s essential for most (if not all) IT teams to find more efficient ways to serve the business. 

The solution

BetterCloud’s integration with Zendesk allows you to build workflows that automate a significant number of IT tasks. Zendesk’s ITSM platform provides robust Webhook functionality. This enables BetterCloud to kick off workflows based on events that occur in Zendesk, which is especially useful since most end-user requests begin in ticketing systems like Zendesk.

Here is an example of what that can look like:

As you can see in the diagram above, BetterCloud’s integration with Zendesk automates several time-consuming tasks, including routing for approval, app configuration, and closing support tickets. Although managers still need to approve requests manually, our Zendesk integration enables you to automatically send managers a message to notify them of the end-user’s application request. 

All of this ultimately enables IT to serve as a strategic partner to your entire business. Not only does this model give end-users faster access to the apps they need, but it frees up IT to focus on more strategic and mission-critical projects.  Using this framework, IT can start to automate other manual and redundant ticket requests like password resets, email delegations, group additions, just to name a few.

To see how BetterCloud and Zendesk work together, watch this video to see the integration in action:

YouTube video

What’s next?

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To view how to configure BetterCloud's integration with Zendesk, click here.