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Moving Towards Zero Touch IT With BetterCloud, Microsoft Forms, and Power Automate


February 1, 2022

2 minute read

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Employees submit a lot of requests for access to SaaS applications. That’s no surprise, especially considering how many organizations around the world rely on SaaS to stay productive and work towards broader business goals.

Although granting access to an application isn’t a difficult task, it can be a tedious and time consuming process. As we’ve done in previous installments of our series on zero touch IT, let’s explore how you can automate this process with BetterCloud, Microsoft Forms, and Power Automate. 

The challenge

After an employee submits a request for app access, IT typically needs to obtain approvals from at least that person’s manager. In many cases, companies require several manager or director-level employees to give IT the green light to grant user access. Not only is the approval request process incredibly time-consuming, it also forces IT to wait for the approvers to respond before proceeding with the remainder of the provisioning process.

When the approvals finally come down the pipe, IT needs to navigate into each application’s admin panel to grant the appropriate access and permissions. The potential for human error is astounding for several reasons. Not only does this make IT vulnerable to overlooking approvals, it increases the likelihood that tickets get lost completely. 

The solution

BetterCloud’s integration with Microsoft Forms via Power Automate enables IT to automate requests for the approvals required to grant app access. As you can see in the image below, Power Automate takes the information submitted in Microsoft Forms and sends a webhook to BetterCloud that includes the requestor’s name and email address. This eliminates any risk of overlooking approvals or losing them in a huge backlog of requests.

This automation with Microsoft Forms via Power Automate allows end users to follow a much simpler self-serve process. End Users can now simply follow a self service process asking for an app via Microsoft Forms.  Plus, IT no longer needs to handle manager approval because BetterCloud handles approvals via a workflow. This is just one of many ways BetterCloud can give IT valuable time back to address more strategic initiatives

To see how BetterCloud and Power Automate work together, watch this video to see the integration in action:

YouTube video

What’s next?

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To see how to configure BetterCloud’s integration with Power Automate, click here.