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#Altitude20 Day 1 Recap: The SaaSOps Movement is Growing, Plus an Exciting Community Announcement


October 19, 2020

3 minute read

AltitudeRecaps Day1

Welcome to the new normal for events!

This has been an unprecedented year, to say the least. But even though we can’t be together for Altitude 2020, a lot of folks at BetterCloud worked hard to ensure that our virtual attendees feel empowered, connected to their peers, and celebrated for their wins.

Here’s a quick-ish recap of what you missed. Want to join the fun? It’s not too late to register.

SaaSOps is more than a “thing” now

Last year, our CEO David Politis announced the first definition of SaaSOps, which prompted my boss to declare that SaaSOps is a thing now.

The SaaSOps framework was developed from insights and trends that we saw in the market and discussions with leading analyst firms. But based on what we found in our recent 2020 State of SaaSOps report, SaaSOps is a really important thing now.

Here are just a few stats that Politis called out:

  • The average business uses 80 SaaS applications, but most organizations don’t know which apps are being used or who they’re being used by
  • IT teams spend 20 hours per week on manual tasks to manage SaaS applications
  • 50% of data breaches are caused by a current employee or contractor

OK, so a lot of folks in IT agree that the SaaSOps framework will be critical as businesses move to a cloud-only environment. What’s next?

New and powerful solutions in BetterCloud

In response to the growing need for SaaSOps, BetterCloud has invested heavily in the product over the last few months. We told David that he wasn’t allowed to share everything today, but he did make two major announcements earlier this afternoon:

  • New investments in the BetterCloud Service Offering, including our Expert Advisory Group, Customer Engineering, and Training & Enablement.
  • BetterCloud Product Certification. Want to prove your mettle as a BetterCloud administrator? There’s a product certification course for that now.

The Product Certification course is something that Politis says he’s wanted to launch for a long time. “I know many of you have been waiting for this,” he continued. “Now, we’re ready for you.”

In addition to a product test, this program includes a two-day course for aspiring BetterCloud admins. Want to take the class, but not the exam? Fine with us! Want to take the exam, but don’t need the class? Also OK!

You can learn more about this new program by visiting

The BetterIT community is now called the SaaSOps Community

I guess you can call this our version of “One More Thing.”

I joined BetterCloud in June, so many of you probably know this better than I do: The BetterIT community is very engaged. Just look at these numbers!

With so much activity, Politis announced that BetterCloud is dedicating a full team to the community—and Mike Stone, who many of you probably know, is now your fearless community leader.

Stone has spent the last few months interviewing the most active community members, analyzing best practices across the industry, and evaluating potential tech solutions. He found that while BetterCloud offers SaaSOps pros a lot of really good resources, they’re a bit scattered.

That’s where the new SaaSOps Community comes in.

This is your one-stop-shop to access the Ideas Portal, engage with other community members via a new forum, and stay up to date on the latest events. Stone announced that his team also integrated the community’s previous content into the new portal, so you’ll still be able to find all of your previous Slack chats, feature requests, and release notes.

Want to check out the SaaSOps community? Head over to

Obviously, we didn’t cover everything Politis and Stone discussed, especially the nitty-gritty about the latest product and community updates. Plus, there’s a lot more fun scheduled this week. Head on over to the registration page to avoid missing the rest of the fun. If you missed today’s keynotes, you’ll also have on-demand access to those sessions.