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#Altitude2020 Day 5 Recap: That's a Wrap, Folks!


October 23, 2020

2 minute read

AltitudeRecaps Day5

I don’t know about you, but it felt like I blinked twice and suddenly Altitude 2020 was over.

I mentioned this on LinkedIn, but it’s worth reiterating that as much as I wanted to meet you all in person, virtual events can be pretty great. We had a lot of fun this week. There’s also a lot to digest.

On the final day of Altitude 2020, our CEO David Politis gave us even more to chew on during a live AMA session. That session wasn’t recorded, but I’ve included a few highlights below. I’ll also reflect a bit on the entire week to wrap things up.

Although David’s AMA wasn’t recorded, you can still register for Altitude 2020 and get every other session on-demand here.

AMA with BetterCloud’s CEO David Politis

Attendees brought the heat and asked some really interesting questions during Politis’ AMA session. Here are just a few that stood out:

  • There’s no official sunset date for FlashPanel. “It’s on our minds—a lot,” Politis said. “But [a lot of] customers still rely on functionality in FlashPanel. Some features haven’t made it over to the rest of the product, but a lot of large teams have simply been trained to use a lot of what’s in FlashPanel.”
  • BetterCloud’s biggest technological challenge? “How do we continue to scale what we’re doing with deep integrations? Everyone’s APIs are different,” Politis mused. “The challenge is, how do you go really deep across different applications and build a back-end system that can do that at scale?”
  • What was our “white whale” when it came to integrations? Without hesitating, Politis said Workday was our top priority. And in case you missed it: It’s coming!

Politis also had a lot of positive things to say about BetterCloud’s internal work culture and its ability to get things done in this new normal. And I might be (very) biased, but coming from someone who onboarded in the midst of all of this, he’s right.

A few parting thoughts

It’s going to take me a few days to process everything we’ve learned this week. In case you haven’t finished catching up, here’s a (very) abbreviated list of what you missed:

  • We announced BetterCloud Discover. You should check out the product demo. It’s no secret that IT teams lack visibility into their SaaS environments and oh boy, does this new product address a lot of those concerns.
  • We heard from some incredible thought leaders. Our chief customer officer Rachel Orston did a live interview with Lester Chan, Head of Enterprise Security at Zoom.
  • We celebrated the SaaSOps community. IT had to step up in a huge way in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. You all deserve some major kudos.

As someone who’s relatively new to the company, I was particularly struck by the enthusiasm within the SaaSOps community. Going into the week, I really had…no idea what to expect. And each day, I saw you come out en masse in the BetterIT Slack channel, through LinkedIn posts, and in the live chats during each session. That would be awesome to see if we were in person. It’s even more amazing under these circumstances, in which many of you carved out large chunks of your week to join us.

So as we put a bow on Altitude 2020, I’m walking away knowing that SaaSOps is a really important thing. And I’m excited to be a small part in what has proven to be a vibrant, innovative, and enthusiastic SaaSOps community.

One more reminder that if you missed this week’s sessions, you can sign up here for on-demand access.