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#Altitude20 Day 2 Recap: Discovering The Future


October 20, 2020

3 minute read

AltitudeRecaps Day2

How much visibility does IT have into its SaaS environment? Turns out, not a whole lot.

Jim Brennan, Chief Product Officer at BetterCloud, kicked off the second day of Altitude 2020 with a few wake-up calls. More specifically, three wake-up calls.

  • IT lacks visibility around app usage. Our research has found that 30% of spend on SaaS applications is wasted due to lack of use or redundant apps.
  • Admins still manage too many things manually. 74% of IT professionals spend a full day per work week manually managing their SaaS environments.
  • IT has difficulty mitigating security risks. More than 50% of data breaches are caused by a current employee or contractor.

What a fun way to start a morning! But all jokes aside, this is a pretty big issue—especially considering that we’ve seen an 89% increase in app integrations just this year.

So what’s next?

Introducing BetterCloud Discover

Raise your hand if you rely on spreadsheets and employee interviews to keep track of your SaaS applications. If your hand is raised, don’t worry—you’re probably not alone.

And that’s why BetterCloud is excited to announce BetterCloud Discover.

Brennan turned things over to Peter Bilali, Director of Product Strategy at BetterCloud, who explained how this new product offering gives IT teams unmatched visibility into the scope of their SaaS environments.

“With this launch, BetterCloud becomes the first all-in-one SaaSOps platform that can discover, manage, and secure all of your SaaS applications in one place.”

According to Bilali, BetterCloud Discover addresses all of the concerns that Brennan highlighted at the beginning of the session by offering our customers the following:

  • Full visibility into your SaaS environment. It should be easy to rattle off all the SaaS applications your company uses, but you probably know that it can be a huge challenge. BetterCloud Discover also offers additional visibility through SSO activity, BetterCloud integration, and Oauth app discovery. Expense and ERP discovery is on the horizon for 2021.
  • Additional operational efficiency. Organizations have an average of 25 redundant categories with two or more apps. BetterCloud Discover helps IT admins identify redundant and unused applications that can be deprovisioned from your SaaS environment.
  • New security features. BetterCloud Discover reports on risky third-party OAuth apps, provides app firmographic data, and will include an Application Security Policies feature to further automate and secure your environment.

Sounds cool, right? But how does this all work?

You should check out Bilali’s presentation for an in-depth product demo, but here are a few highlights.


I’m probably a bit biased, but this dashboard looks pretty clean. It gives you a clear picture of which apps are in your SaaS environment, how they were discovered, and how many people are using them.

Want to learn more about a specific application? Here’s what you’ll see:


You’ll also see a lot of user information in the Users tab.

Not only can you access details such as that person’s last activity in an app, but the 360 view of each user will show you all the apps that he or she is using.

And finally, let’s talk about apps with OAuth access. Want to see which apps have it? Check out the Connected Apps tab.

Oh yeah, one more thing: BetterCloud Discover is available today.

Of course, this is a brief overview of a really powerful product. Check out Brennan and Bilali’s full session by registering for Altitude here. The full session includes a conversation with Alpha customers from DoorDash and Trojan Battery. Plus, registering for Altitude gives you on-demand access to all of the previous sessions from this week.