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Using Formulas in Different Languages in Google Sheets

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It’s possible that English isn’t your first language and that a lot of the math you learned in grade school wasn’t all in English. With this in mind, you are now able to adjust your language settings to set up formulas in Sheets to appear in your preferred language.

Until recently, Google Sheets only supported formulas in English. Now, formulas are available in 21 additional languages and can be adjusted easily in Language Settings. Interestingly, Sheets provides an option to use only formulas in English, while also maintaining your language settings in Google Docs, if different from English.

To learn more, watch the video above and read the steps below.

To change your default language in Sheets:

  • On your Sheet, go to File.
  • Select Spreadsheet settings.
  • In the new window, select English under General Settings.
  • On the Language Setting profile, click the pencil to edit, and select your default language.
  • Return to your Sheet and click Save Settings.
  • Refresh your browser, and your refreshed page should appear in your default language.
  • To test out the formulas in your selected language, begin typing the formula you would like to use and calculate.

To keep your default language settings in Sheets as is, but only use formulas in English:

  • Select File.
  • Click Configuración de la hoja de cálculo.
  • In the new window, select the option that reads “Always use the names of the functions in English.”

If you want to reference formulas in English and in other languages:

  • Leave the above option “Always use the names of the functions in English” unchecked.
  • Return to the Language Settings profile
  • Once you’ve decided on a default language in the top, you can decide which languages you want to list under the section “Other languages I understand.” The languages you put here will allow you to use formulas in Sheets in those languages.

Read more about other capabilities in Google Docs.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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