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Insert Images Into Google Spreadsheet Cells

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If you’re a frequent user of Google Spreadsheets, you probably already know that you can insert images from the Insert Image menu option. This doesn’t actually insert images into a cell, which is often what people are trying to do.

The Insert Image menu option actually places an image on top of a Spreadsheet, rather than inside a cell. So if you’re trying to insert several images into a Spreadsheet in some sort of order this isn’t terribly helpful.

Using the =IMAGE Spreadsheet function allows us to insert an image inside a cell, using the image’s URL. This makes it really easy to insert images into a particular cell, and will get larger or smaller depending on the size of the cell (while maintaining the image’s aspect ratio).

There are actually several variations of this function that give you even more functionality:

  • =IMAGE(“URL”) – image retains aspect ratio while increasing / decreasing the cell size
  • =IMAGE(“URL”,2) – image stretches to fit all edges of the cell
  • =IMAGE(“URL”,3) – image retains its original size
  • =IMAGE(“URL”,4,50,50) – set the size of the image by replacing 50,50 with desired dimensions

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