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4 Hidden Chrome Tricks to Increase Your Efficiency

2 minute read

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To make your browsing experience even better, here are four great hidden tricks in Google Chrome that can save you time and increase your efficiency.

1. Pin a tab

Never accidentally close a tab again. If you right-click on any tab and choose Pin tab, it shrinks down to miniature size and loses the X icon, meaning you can’t close it by accident anymore. You can unpin a tab by just right-clicking again and choosing to unpin the tab.


2. Organize tabs by moving them in bulk

You probably know that you can drag tabs around to organize them by just clicking and dragging, but did you know that you can drag multiple tabs?

Hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or ⌘ key (Mac) and select the tabs, and then you can perform all the actions that you can normally only do with a single tab, such as dragging two tabs out into a new window.


3. Use a keyboard shortcut to go to specific tabs

Love keyboard shortcuts? How about a keyboard shortcut to go right to a specific tab?

Each of the tabs on the top of your screen is linked to a number, so if you want to go to a specific tab, just hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or ⌘ key (Mac), and then hit the number that corresponds to your desired tab. For instance, if you hold down Ctrl + 4, you’ll go to tab number 4. You can use this to very quickly flip between tabs.

4. Drag a URL to instantly create a shortcut on your desktop

You can highlight a link in the address bar and then drag it to your desktop. It will create a clickable link that you can use to access the site from your desktop at any time.


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