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3 Add-ons That Make Google Sheets More Fun

2 minute read

Make Google Sheets Fun

Google Apps products are designed for work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun. We recently came across several add-ons for Google Sheets that add a little more color and enjoyment into the bland world of spreadsheets.

From generating Sudoku puzzles to organizing your Secret Santa gift exchange, there is a lot these add-ons can let you do beyond just number crunching. We put together our 3 favorite add-ons that increase morale more than they productivity. Next lunch break, open up a Google Sheet and do something fun with it.

1. Turn Your Spreadsheet into a Sudoku Puzzle

This brain teasing add-on is packed with functionality that takes it beyond what is possible with pen and paper Sudoku puzzles. Choose your difficulty from “Easy” all the way to “Insane” and be sure to turn on assisted mode for a little extra help when you get stuck. (Sudoku Sheets)


2. Add a 3rd Dimension to Your Charts

Exponential growth


You will really catch everyone’s attention at your next presentation when your charts are popping out of the screen. With the 3D charts add-on you can create beautiful three-dimensional charts and add a little depth to your data displays. (3D Charts)


3. Secret Spreadsheet Santa

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.13.27 PM

Although it is too late for this holiday season, this one is always good to have on hand. The Secret Santa add-on will do all the legwork for you when it comes to organizing your next anonymous office gift exchange. Just enter the names and email addresses of the participants and your spreadsheet will do the rest. (Secret Santa)

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