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Requested by IT, Built for IT: 8 New BetterCloud Features

October 22, 2018

4 minute read

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Here at BetterCloud, we’ve been working hard to answer the feature requests you’ve told us are important to you. We recently announced Activity-based Alerts, but we didn’t stop there.

We’re thrilled to announce eight enhancements that we released earlier this month at Altitude, our annual customer conference, in Denver.

1. Time-based Roles

BetterCloud has continued its investment in helping you adopt a least privilege model. A least privilege model delegates the minimum amount of access necessary to a specific user. It is critical to ensure that users only have access to what they actually need, since excessive privileges can increase the risk of a security incident or data breach.

Time-based Roles are the next evolution for strengthening a least privilege model. This was the most requested feature enhancement for Role-based Privileges at Altitude last year. This enhancement allows IT to restrict delegated privileges to specific time intervals. For example, if an IT super admin is going on vacation, they can now delegate access to another team member for the set period of time they will be away. Or, for example, IT can can give an auditor access to download files from their CRM for a set amount of time. In both examples, Time-based Roles eliminates the need to manually revoke access after a period of time.

2. On-demand Workflows

BetterCloud users have told us they need more flexibility when executing workflows. Waiting for events to kick off a workflow can be frustrating if you need to run a time-sensitive workflow right away.

With BetterCloud’s new feature release of On-demand Workflows, admins can now run workflows without needing to wait for an event to kick it off. For example, if an IT team offboards users at 5 p.m. on Fridays each week, they typically have to stay past 5 p.m. if a workflow fails to trigger or is delayed. With On-demand Workflows, admins can now manually run a workflow on demand without having to wait for that trigger. Now, admins can leave the office on time and be confident that their offboarding automation is running when it should.

Additionally, this feature provides flexibility around your one-off workflows. Admins might not want to include every single step in the workflow for a specific scenario or user. With this new release, admins are now able to turn off specific actions within the workflow that they run.

3. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies

BetterCloud’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) alerts give IT and security teams visibility to see which users have or haven’t enrolled in MFA for any given provider. This feature also allows IT and security teams to automatically enforce MFA security policies. This was the highest voted feature request in the BetterCloud community.

4. Last login reporting

BetterCloud’s last login reporting allows IT to reclaim unused licenses. By filtering by a user’s last login date for an application, IT can see what applications are not being used. For example, IT can specify that if a user has not logged into an application in the last 60 days, their license will be revoked. IT can send this information to the user’s manager, ask for permission to delete the license, and then reclaim the cost.

Note: Last login information will be displayed in the grids for all users. Alerting on last login is part of our Activity-Based Alerts and is only available for customers on our Enterprise edition.

5. Windowing

BetterCloud now allows users to condition login alerts based on the number of events occurring within a specific time period.

For example, if a Google user has a failed login more than 10 times within an hour, BetterCloud can send an email to the user and their manager. BetterCloud can also add specific conditions, such as logins from outside approved IP addresses.

This feature helps IT avoid alert fatigue. IT is notified if something concerning occurs — they no longer have to manually sift through an excessive number of alerts. Customers have wanted to scope their alert data to be more targeted to specific scenarios, and now they can.

6. New connector experience

BetterCloud’s new connector experience delivers a new look and feel to get you up and running with your connectors faster. It also provides relevant connector use cases to help your team determine what policies to implement for your instance.

7. Unified search (opt in)

At a recent hackathon, BetterCloud’s awesome engineering team produced our new Unified Search. This feature gives IT and security teams the ability to search across the entire platform and find users, groups, files, alerts, workflows, roles, connectors, and support articles all from one place.

You can opt in to this feature with the in-app notifications.

8. Foundation services packages

BetterCloud now offers expert advisory services for our current customers. We have three different Foundation Packages that cater to meet any business’s needs and help accelerate your success with BetterCloud. With these new packages, you will receive consultation from our expert advisory team on your specific instance and needs. Our team can consult on your existing policies, as well as help build out new policies that you need to put into place. For additional information, reach out to your customer success manager or email

If you’d like to learn more about any of these features, click here to request a demo of BetterCloud.