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Introducing FlashPanel's Domain Health & Insight Center®


August 11, 2014

2 minute read

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Today, we’re introducing Domain Health and Insight Center®–an intelligent dashboard designed to not only replace BetterCloud’s current homepage, but to offer prescriptive and proactive alerts each time you log into BetterCloud.

Domain Health

The Domain Health section evaluates your domain across several areas–Directory, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Apps, Sites and Calendars–and based on the number of detected risks and alerts within each section, gives your domain an overall rating of red, yellow, or green to indicate poor, average, or good health.

In addition, there are similarly coded alerts within each section, notifying you of specific risks and vulnerabilities to your domain. Red indicates that there is one or more critical risk, yellow indicates that there are no critical risks, but one or more important or recommended actions, and green indicates that all alerts have been resolved. Each section also displays blue infobytes, which provide tips and best practices for improving your domain efficiency in that particular area.

To resolve alerts, simply click on the provided link to take action directly from the dashboard. And, if a particular alert is not applicable to your domain, click the snooze button to hide it for three months.

Snapshots at the top of the dashboard display alerts from 39 different areas of your domain, from total number of users and documents to BetterCloud logins and more–plus, the display is customizable so you can priority order the stats that matter most.

My Tasks

A customizable action center, the My Tasks section allows you to choose which features are displayed front and center when you first log in. Change the order as often as you’d like in order to use this section as a custom to do list.

Policy Central

Quickly access Drive, Google+, and Apps menus to build policies in order to automate compliance. Set granular policies in order to restrict levels of document sharing, determine parameters for users posting publicly on Google+, and revoke unsafe third-party apps users have installed.

Resources and Tips

Now, there is an entire section of the dashboard devoted to resources, meant to offer helpful information and let you know about new features and product updates.

Navigation and UI Changes

In addition to the new dashboard, this release also brings changes to BetterCloud’s look and feel. Updates include:
A new color scheme
Redesigned navigation so it’s easier to access what you need
Full screen dashboard, maximizing your space to work

Final Thoughts

We’ve heard time and again that admins devote too much time manually scanning their domains for critical issues and looking for ways to increase efficiency, and Domain Health and Insight Center® was built with this in mind. Now, all pertinent information is presented within BetterCloud’s comprehensive dashboard, making it easier than ever before to ensure the highest security for your domain.